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Albania: Stuck on the Border

Albania: Stuck on the Border A 7-kilometer-long line of cars was stalled last week at the southern border crossing of Kakavia between Albania and Greece, along the dry valley of the Drinos River. The travelers were surrounded by barren, rocky...
Security 01-07-2002

The European Parliament flexes its muscles – in Albania

The European Parliament flexes its muscles – in Albania Nicholas Whyte, Balkans Programme Director, International Crisis Group, June 2002. On June 24 the Albanian parliament elected retired general Alfred Moisiu as the country’s new President, ending a period of political...
Enlargement 31-08-2001

The Macedonian Framework Document and European Standards

The Macedonian Framework Agreement dem-onstrates that the international community has learned important lessons from peace proc-esses, elsewhere in Europe, including Bosnia-Herzegovina and Northern Ireland. The Framework Document has four basic ideas – cessation of hostilities, decentralisation of government, political re-balancing...
Enlargement 31-07-2001

STRATFOR: Macedonia accuses NATO of siding with militants

An analysis of NATO’s role in Macedonia, published by STRATFOR Strategic Forecasting, a US intelligence consulting firm, says that “either through intent or mismanagement, NATO has helped prepare the ground for civil war”. The analysis says that NATO’s recent dealings...