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  • Disarmament pledge clears way for NATO deployment

    News | Enlargement 15-08-2001

    Ethnic Albanian guerillas in Macedonia agreed on
    14 August to disarm following promises of an amnesty from
    President Boris Trajkovski thereby removing the last formal
    obstacle to the deployment of NATO troops. The North Atlantic
    Council will meet today in Brussels to decide whether the
    deployment of NATO troops in the disarmament mission, codename
    Operation Essential Harvest, should commence.

  • Macedonian peace deal signed

    News | Enlargement 14-08-2001

    A peace agreement was signed on 13 August by the
    Macedonian government and ethnic Albanian leaders in a bid to
    put a stop to escalating violence in the country. The NATO
    secretary-general, George Robertson, and the EU's high
    representative, Javier Solana, both attended the signing
    ceremony that their respective organisations had been
    influential in bringing about. They recognised that the
    agreement represents merely the first step towards a peaceful
    resolution of the conflict and called for all parties to back
    the deal.

  • Macedonia peace deal in doubt

    News | Enlargement 13-08-2001

    The Macedonian government proclaimed a
    unilateral ceasefire on 12 August in a bid to ensure that the
    signing of a peace deal with Albanian guerrillas goes ahead.
    However, renewed fighting between government forces and ethnic
    Albanian guerrillas in the early hours of 13 August has called
    into question the likelihood of the signing ceremony going

  • Macedonians and Albanians reach conditional agreement

    News | Enlargement 02-08-2001

    Macedonian and ethnic Albanian leaders have
    reached "conditional" agreement on the issue of the status of
    the Albanian language. This agreement depends on the result of
    overall negotiations, which include the issue of ethnic
    composition of the police.

  • STRATFOR: Macedonia accuses NATO of siding with militants

    Opinion | Enlargement 31-07-2001

    An analysis of NATO's role in Macedonia, published by STRATFOR Strategic Forecasting, a US intelligence consulting firm, says that "either through intent or mismanagement, NATO has helped prepare the ground for civil war". The analysis says that NATO's recent dealings …

  • EU and US trying to save Macedonian peace deal

    News | Enlargement 20-07-2001

    EU and US mediators are trying to prevent the
    collapse of peace talks between the Macedonian Slav majority
    and Albanian minority in order to avoid a civil war. Macedonian
    leaders have turned down the proposals from the EU mediator
    François Léotard and US mediator James Pardew, while
    Albanians have abandoned the talks.

  • Patten against redrawing of Balkans borders

    News | Central Europe 12-07-2001

    EU External Relations Commissioner Patten urges
    Balkan regional integration and opposes redrawing of

  • Albanians reject peace plan for Macedonia

    News | Enlargement 09-07-2001

    Ethnic Albanian leaders reject EU-US peace
    proposal for Macedonia and insist on radical constitutional

  • Macedonia ceasefire paves way for rebel disarmament

    News | Enlargement 06-07-2001

    Ceasefire between Macedonian government and
    Albanian rebels raises hopes for political

  • Greece proposes international conference on Macedonia

    News | Enlargement 05-07-2001

    EU considers Greek proposal for
    Rambouillet-style international conference to avert civil war
    in Macedonia

  • Macedonia forced to stop fight against guerrillas

    News | Enlargement 26-06-2001

    EU foreign ministers force Macedonian government
    to stop its fight against ethnic Albanian insurgents besieging
    northern Macedonia

  • NATO troops to Macedonia

    News | Enlargement 21-06-2001

    NATO agrees to send troops to Macedonia to help
    disarm Albanian guerrillas on the border with