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Should Europe legislate its nightlife?

Health and safety rules, hygiene regulations, noise limitation: nightlife in Europe is highly controlled, whereas it should be prized and valued. EURACTIV France reports.
A tiny device, shown here mounted upstream of a circular opening used to equalise the pressure in wing fuel tanks, reduces the whistling noise produced by the Airbus 320. [Photo courtesy of Lufthansa]
Transport 16-07-2014

Small is beautiful: How a tiny device cuts aircraft noise

SPECIAL REPORT / The name - vortex generator - sounds more complex than the device itself. Yet the small component developed by German researchers provides a big solution to noise produced by one of the most widely flown passenger aircraft.
Transport 15-07-2014

As aircraft become quieter, health concerns about noise grow louder

Millions of urban Europeans are exposed to aviation noise that contributes to stress, high blood pressure and even weight gain, say health specialists who want stronger measures to make flying quieter.
Transport 14-07-2014

New EU rules seen as too timid to reduce airport noise

SPECIAL REPORT / New rules on aviation noise that are due to take hold across the European Union in 2016 fall short of what is needed to protect people living near airports, the leader of a leading civil action groups says.
Blessington Basin in Dublin, Ireland, one of the areas designated by the City Council as a 'quiet area' [IrishFireside. 2010].

Environment agency releases ‘quiet areas’ guide

The European Environment Agency has released a guide for governments wishing to identify and maintain quiet areas, to give citizens respite from noise pollution.
Transport 17-06-2013

Heavy metal thunder: Aircraft grow quieter as rock drones on

SPECIAL REPORT / When jet-powered passenger aircraft first went into service in the 1950s, their engines were as loud as rock bands. Times have changed, but public discord over noise has not. EURACTIV reports from the Paris Air Show.
Transport 06-05-2013

EU plan for quieter railways still not on track

Putting people and cargo onto the rails may be one way to reduce roadway air pollution, a key goal of the EU’s rail transport policy, but doing so creates another hazard for those living close to railways – noise.
Transport 12-09-2012

Czech MEP denies tabling traffic noise proposal ‘written by Porsche’

The lawmaker in charge of steering legislation on traffic noise through the European Parliament has insisted that he wrote it, despite evidence that a draft version of the bill was authored by an official from Porsche AG, the German car manufacturer.
Regional Policy 12-07-2012

EU airport noise rules stir up Brussels local activists

SPECIAL REPORT / A long-standing debate in Belgium over the Zaventem national airport has been reignited by EU proposals to vet national decisions over airport noise restrictions. A local NGO told EURACTIV the proposed rules would almost trigger "war" with Flanders if implemented.
Transport 26-04-2012

Parliament begins scrutiny of EU airport noise rules

European Commission plans to ease noise restriction measures around airports has been met with scepticism by the MEP in charge of the dossier in Parliament, who believes the EU executive is placing economic considerations above citizen's concerns.
Climate change 12-04-2012

Study says EU moving too slowly on noise pollution

Ambitious vehicle noise reduction proposals would enable eight million people to sleep soundly, cut noise annoyance by 39% and save €326 billion over 20 years, a Dutch research group says in a new report.
Transport 19-09-2007

Noise pollution: Road traffic ‘first culprit’, survey shows

Road traffic is perceived as the most annoying source of noise pollution by residents of EU urban areas, a survey conducted in the framework of a European research project has concluded. 
Climate change 16-05-2002

The noise directive gets final rubber stamp

On 15 May, the European Parliament formally adopted the joint text for the noise directive.
Digital & Media 27-03-2002

Transport Council adopts Galileo programme and hush kits Directive

During its meeting on 26 March the Transport Council adopted the Galileo satellite navigation programme, a Directive on noise pollution in airports and a common position on the gas emission controls of motorcycles.
Climate change 28-02-2002

The noise directive is finally approved

After two readings and a conciliation process, the Council and the Parliament agreed on the final wording of the noise directive.
Climate change 18-12-2000

Environment ministers to tackle noise pollution

EU's environment ministers will try to reach an agreement on a proposed directive to cut noise pollution
Climate change 11-10-2000

Environment ministers agree to fight ground-level ozone

EU environmental ministers approved proposals by the European Commission to limit ozone levels in the ambient air.
Climate change 28-07-2000

Commission proposes directive to cut noise pollution

The European Commission has presented a new Framework Directive to cut environmental noise, produced by transport, industry and recreation.