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Economy & Jobs 14-04-2020

Coronavirus exit: Re-inventing the EU supply chain

This crisis is also teaching us logistical lessons, and particularly the need to produce things at home or closer to home. Eastern Europe remains competent and cheaper, and can make the difference in the EU supply chain, writes Radu Magdin.
Euro & Finance 12-09-2012

Non-eurozone nations threaten to swamp banking union

Proposals to be published today (12 September) on creating a European banking union face months of blockage if non-eurozone countries’ demands are not met, officials have warned.
Euro & Finance 08-11-2011

Menu of non-eurozone dinner closely guarded

Finance ministers from the 10 non-eurozone member states met for dinner in Brussels last night in an ongoing attempt to find common ground with which to confront fast-moving developments in the eurozone.