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Air Quality 06-06-2018

Why construction machinery must be included in the Clean Vehicles Directive

Construction site machinery is responsible for a significant amount of air, noise, and climate pollution yet remains remarkably unregulated. The ongoing recast of the EU Clean Vehicles Directive offers a golden opportunity to address this, writes Mark Preston.
Transport 25-10-2016

Farmers want the brakes put on ‘costly’ push for ABS in tractors

European Commission plans to force tractors to have anti-lock braking systems (ABS) are unnecessarily expensive for manufacturers and based on inaccurate analysis, EU farmers and machinery industry representatives have warned.
Transport 03-06-2015

Diesel machines need the cleanest technology to relieve our choking cities

Implementing consistent emissions standards for all diesel engines would push manufacturers to use the best available technology and improve the EU's air quality, argues François Cuenot.
Transport 26-09-2014

Proposal on pollution controls for non-road machinery is out

Stakeholders stick to their guns upon reviewing the Commission’s proposal to curb pollution from agricultural and road construction machinery.
A combine harvester at work

Air pollution rules for ‘non-road mobile machinery’

Noxious emissions from everyday cars and trucks have long been regulated at European level. But the European Commission believes pollution from so-called non-road mobile machinery – which includes everything from bulldozers to chainsaws – is a problem and is proposing new emission limits on them.
Transport 27-06-2014

Draft EU road machinery law ‘will create more pollution’

EXCLUSIVE / Large diesel-powered machines responsible for toxic emissions in Europe’s urban areas will not be obliged to limit emissions of ultrafine particulate matter (PM) by using particle filters, and will not need to report their CO2 emissions, under key parts of a draft EU law seen by EURACTIV.