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Global Europe 05-04-2022

I got Putin wrong, Nord Stream 2 was a mistake, says Steinmeier

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, long an advocate of Western rapprochement with Russia, expressed regret for his earlier stance, saying his years of support for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline had been a clear mistake.
Global Europe 30-03-2022

Did the Nord Stream hypocrisy trigger Putin’s war?

Not terminated, not dismantled, the Nord Stream 2 project is officially on hold and some in Germany are still hoping to use this bloodstained pipe in the future, writes Mykhailo Gonchar.
Global Europe 03-03-2022

Russian gas flows via Yamal pipeline to Germany decline sharply

Russian westbound gas flows via the Yamal-Europe pipeline to Germany from Poland have declined sharply on Thursday (3 March), data from the Gascade pipeline operator showed.
Global Europe 02-03-2022

Nord Stream 2 files for bankruptcy, fires employees

The Swiss-based company which built the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany is has filed for insolvency, a local official confirmed to Swiss radio broadcaster SRF on Tuesday (1 March).
Global Europe 25-02-2022

Russian ambassador Chizhov: Nord Stream 2 is not dead, it’s a sleeping beauty

In a wide-ranging interview, the Russian ambassador to the EU discussed his country’s military operation in Ukraine, plans to return to negotiations under another government in Kyiv, sending to court Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the effect of Western sanctions and more.
Global Europe 25-02-2022

‘Nord Stream 2 is dead forever’, EU energy experts say

During an online conference on the Nord Stream 2 gas project organised by EURACTIV Bulgaria on Thursday (24 February), a panel of experts shared their views on the ongoing situation in Ukraine, the need for energy security and the array of sanctions that befits the intensity of the crisis unfolding.
Global Europe 24-02-2022

EU ‘hybrid power’ to face the Russian threat

President Vladimir Putin’s actions of military aggression may be giving European unity and the transatlantic alliance a new lease of life. But it comes at the expense of Ukraine and its people and a potentially high economic and political cost for the EU, writes Ricardo Borges de Castro.
Energy 24-02-2022

Germany braces for ‘more turbulent days’ on gas markets amid rising Russia tensions

With geopolitical tensions at their highest, German Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck said he expects "more turbulent days" ahead on gas markets, and echoed calls from other politicians to establish a “national gas reserve” ahead of the next winter season.
Energy 23-02-2022

As Germany hits the brakes on Nord Stream 2, what’s the solution to Europe’s gas crisis?

When Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, Europe was dependent on Russia for 27% of its gas consumption, and it vowed to diversify supplies as a result. Today, Europe is even more dependent on Russian gas than it was back then, at 38%. Diversification has failed, writes Murray Worthy.
Energy 23-02-2022

Could Nord Stream 2 still be resurrected?

The White House said the Nord Stream 2 is "not moving forward at this point in time" after steps by Germany to halt the gas pipeline project. But spokesperson Jen Psaki declined to say whether Germany's decision was reversible.
Energy 22-02-2022

Germany halts Nord Stream 2

Germany has put a halt to the certification of the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline in response to Russia’s recognition of the two breakaway regions in the Ukrainian Donbas and announced that it would revaluate the procedure.
Global Europe 11-02-2022

Explainer: How a German ‘climate’ fund fought US sanctions against Nord Stream 2

A German politician set up a state-backed foundation with Russian energy company Gazprom last year to help Moscow avoid US sanctions on a pipeline due to carry Russian gas to Europe.
Global Europe 11-02-2022

Scholz warns Russia of ‘serious consequences’ if it invades Ukraine

Chancellor Olaf Scholz warned Russia of "serious" economic and political consequences should it ramp up military aggression toward Ukraine, while adding that Germany and its allies were ready for dialogue with Moscow and wanted peace.
Energy 07-02-2022

Ukraine at the crossroads of a European energy crisis

If the Ukraine tensions continue, Russia risks severely damaging its own economy and energy future. But over the next few months, Europe’s energy scene could become very uncomfortable writes, Robin M. Mills.
Energy 03-02-2022

Eastbound gas flows resume on Russian Yamal-Europe pipeline

Gas flows from Germany to Poland resumed on Wednesday evening (2 February) via the Russian Yamal-Europe pipeline, which usually sends Russian gas westwards into Europe, data from German network operator Gascade showed.
Global Europe 01-02-2022

Dombrovskis assures Ukraine the EU won’t allow the ‘weaponisation’ of Nord Stream 2

European Commission Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis said on a visit to Kyiv that the certification of the Russia-designed Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline has been put on hold to make sure it would not be used as a weapon.
Energy 31-01-2022

To deter Russia, threaten its role in the green economy

Nord Stream 2 is a poor lever to deter Russian aggression in Ukraine. To hit Russia where it hurts, Europe should instead leverage its regulatory might, in partnership with the United States, and threaten to shut it out from the new energy economy, writes Nikos Tsafos.
Global Europe 28-01-2022

No Nord Stream, no problem

With the Nord Stream 2 project, Gazprom’s goal to assert complete control over Europe’s gas supply is within reach because this geopolitically charged pipeline will destroy the existing transit ecosystem, writes Sergiy Makogon.
Global Europe 28-01-2022

Russia, US keep door open to Ukraine diplomacy, but big gaps remain

Russia said on Thursday (27 January) it was clear the United States was not willing to address its main security concerns in their standoff over Ukraine, but both sides kept the door open to further dialogue.
Global Europe 27-01-2022

Germany agrees to axe Nord Stream 2 if Russia invades Ukraine

The United States and Germany appear to have agreed that the Russia-favoured Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline will not come to life if Russia invades Ukraine, according to statements from the two countries' officials.
Global Europe 24-01-2022

Blinken to join EU foreign ministers teleconference as Ukraine tensions rise

Amid rising fears of Russian military action against Ukraine, EU foreign minister on Monday (24 January) will seek to align their response with Washington, as US Secretary of State Anthony is set to join their virtual meeting.
Global Europe 21-01-2022

How Germany’s Nord Stream pipes promote war in Europe

Unlike the naïve West, Russia knew perfectly well what it was doing by building the first Nord Stream pipe, which came onstream in 2011. Andreas Umland ponders if anything has changed until the present day when Nord Stream 2 is completed.
Global Europe 21-01-2022

Polish Green MP: Sadly, the German Greens couldn’t stop Nord Stream 2

While the German Greens in the coalition government succeeded in blocking Nord Stream 2 at the certification stage, there are fears the SPD could prevail, and the pipeline becomes operational, according to Urszula Zielińska, a Polish MP in an interview with EURACTIV.
Global Europe 21-01-2022

Analysis: In Ukraine crisis, Germany faces tough decisions over Nord Stream 2

Germany could find itself in a no-win situation if Russia invades Ukraine, pitting Berlin's main gas supplier against its most important security allies.