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  • Commission unimpressed by Russia’s pipeline offensive

    News | Energy 19-06-2015

    BREAKING / Russia and Greece signed a deal today (19 June) for a section of the Turkish Stream pipeline across Greece, and Gazprom announced plans to build two additional stretches to the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

  • EU, Russia reach ‘political’ deal on OPAL gas pipeline: sources

    News | Energy 17-09-2013

    EU and Russia have agreed a deal on the use of Germany's OPAL link to Gazprom's Nord Stream gas pipeline, a Russian energy ministry spokeswoman said yesterday (16 September).

  • Russian, EU leaders inaugurate Nord Stream pipeline

    News | Energy 08-11-2011

    Russian President Dmitry Medvedev will attend today's (8 November) launch ceremony in Germany of the Nord Stream gas pipeline, which will bring Russian natural gas to Western Europe directly under the Baltic Sea. Experts warned however that the pipeline would run at only half capacity in the initial period.

  • Russia starts filling Nord Stream gas pipe

    Special Report | News | Energy 06-09-2011

    Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said yesterday (5 September) that his country would begin pumping the first technical gas through the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline from today, so that European clients could start receiving supplies in October or November.

  • Poland smells German foul play over gas terminal

    News | Energy 31-08-2010

    Berlin is opposed to Poland receiving an EU grant to construct an LNG gas terminal on its Baltic coast due to environmental concerns. But the Polish press argues that the real cause of Germany's unease is that the new terminal would compete with the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

  • The EU and natural gas: The new security agenda

    Opinion | Energy 16-04-2010

    "Energy supply [...] should dominate the EU's overall security objectives for the immediate future, given its dependence on Russia," writes George Joffe, reserarch fellow at the Centre for International Studies at the University of Cambridge in an April paper.

  • Oettinger to attend Nord Stream kick-off event in Russia

    News | Energy 08-04-2010

    Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger arrived in Russia yesterday (7 April) for his first official visit outside the EU. During his stay, Oettinger will attend celebrations marking the launch of construction work on the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

  • Europe switches to gas

    Policy Brief | Energy 17-02-2010

    A relatively abundant, cheap and clean source of energy, natural gas is becoming an increasingly essential part of Europe's energy mix, winning supporters for a variety of uses ranging from power generation, household heating and transport to fertiliser, plastics, and other manufacturing products.

  • All obstacles cleared for undersea Baltic pipe

    News | Energy 12-02-2010

    The Nord Stream gas pipeline, which aims to bring Siberian gas directly to Germany, bypassing all "problematic" Russian neighbours, was awarded its final building permit today (12 February). Construction is due to begin in April, the consortium announced.