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Enlargement 13-10-2021

One Serb shot, 6 policemen injured in Kosovo clashes

One Serb was shot and six police officers injured on Wednesday when police fired tear gas to disperse a crowd that became hostile after raids on suspected smugglers in a volatile area of Kosovo populated by the Serb minority.
Enlargement 27-09-2021

Albania’s prime minister comes to Kosovo in the midst of escalation with Serbia

Kosovo’s political parties have rallied together as Serbian troops gather along the border, following an alleged attack on two Kosovo interior ministry offices on Saturday 25 September.
Enlargement 29-05-2019

Serbia places forces on alert after Kosovo police operation in Serb-populated north

Serbia ordered its troops on full alert on Tuesday (28 May) and Russia accused Kosovo of provocation after a Kosovan police anti-crime operation in a region populated mainly by Serbs led to clashes.
Enlargement 28-11-2018

Kosovo Serbs protest Pristina’s tariff

Several thousand Kosovo Serbs protested in northern Kosovo on Tuesday (27 November) against Pristina's massive customs tariff on Serbian goods, a retaliatory measure announced last week that has spiked tensions and curtailed trade between the neighbours.
Enlargement 08-03-2018

European clocks slowed by Serbia-Kosovo power grid row

European power operators called yesterday (7 March) for an end to a row between Serbia and Kosovo that has sapped the continent's electricity grid and caused electronic clocks to run several minutes late.
Politics 15-03-2017

Russia: Commission should play a more positive role in the Western Balkans

Speaking to EURACTIV.com, Russia’s Ambassador to the EU, Vladimir Chizhov, criticised the European Commission’s handling of the crises in Macedonia and Kosovo, and regretted the “hysteria” over alleged Russian interference in Montenegro.
Enlargement 16-07-2013

Serbia enters Europe, ending the bloody Balkan wars

A miracle has happened, as Serbia is no longer walking away from events attended by Kosovo representatives. The bloody Balkan wars of the 1990s and the centuries-long Serb-Albanian feud have ended in provisional cooperation and not just in armed truce, writes Elizabeth Pond.
Enlargement 26-04-2013

Kosovo Minister: Serbian structures in Northern Kosovo should be dismantled

The recent agreement between Kosovo and Serbia requires that all parallel structures such as police or courts in the Serbia-populated Northern Kosovo should be dismantled, Kosovo Foreign Minister Enver Hoxhaj told  EurActic Slovakia in an exclusive interview.
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Enlargement 09-04-2013

EU urges Serbia to make ‘last effort’ in negotiations with Kosovo

Serbia has rejected a European Union-brokered plan to tackle the ethnic partition of its former province Kosovo, a move that could hurt Belgrade's hopes of starting membership talks with the bloc.
Enlargement 09-04-2013

Serbia rejects EU proposals on Kosovo, seeks more talks

Serbia has rejected a European Union-brokered plan to tackle the ethnic partition of its former province Kosovo, a move that could hurt Belgrade's hopes of starting membership talks with the bloc.
Enlargement 08-04-2013

President says Serbia to table position on Kosovo

Serbian President Tomislav Nikoli? said that the government would take a stand today (8 April) on the failed Kosovo talks, and that the majority of parties with representatives in Parliament were expected to support it. BETA, the EURACTIV partner agency in Serbia reports.
Enlargement 08-04-2013

Serbia, Kosovo talks aren’t over yet

Talks between Serbia and Kosovo must continue to bring stability to the region, writes Miroslav Laj?ák.
Enlargement 25-02-2013

Belgrade, Pristina open talks on Northern Kosovo

  A recent round of talks between the prime ministers of Serbia and Kosovo demonstrated that resolving the delicate issue of the Serbian institutions in northern Kosovo will take time. EURACTIV Serbia reports.
Enlargement 08-02-2013

No progress at symbolic Serbia-Kosovo meeting

A meeting of the presidents of Serbian and Kosovo produced little concrete progress between the two states beyond the symbolic importance of the first such gathering between the leaders. EURACTIV Serbia reports.
Enlargement 14-02-2012

Commission deplores Serb’s Northern Kosovo referendum

A referendum organised in the Serbia-populated northern part of Kosovo on whether to recognise the government of the Albanian majority received a frosty reception from the European Commission today (14 February).