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  • CEPS warns against marginalisation of Norway

    News | Enlargement 01-03-2002

    The Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) warns against the marginalisation of Norway in Europe in a new book, "Navigating by the Stars", released at a conference on EU-Norway relations in Brussels. The book states that Norway's perception of marginalisation arises from the declining market share of the European Economic Area in the widening EU, alongside with the acceleration of the European integration process.

  • Norwegian Labour party suffers huge election setback

    News 11-09-2001

    Norway's Labour party has suffered its worst defeat since 1924 in an election which produced no clear winner. It saw its share of the vote fall from 35.5 percent four years ago to just 24.4 percent in Monday's election. The biggest gains were made by the Conservative party who saw their share of the vote rise from 14.3 percent in 1997 to 21.3 percent.

  • Norwegians go to the polls

    News 07-09-2001

    Norway's 4 million registered voters will head to polling stations on Monday (10 September) to vote for their parliamentary representatives. The conservatives threaten to oust the governing social democrats, whose popularity has dwindled in the past few months.

  • Nordic countries join Schengen

    News 23-03-2001

    Five Nordic countries join Schengen area bringing the number of members to 15