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EU Elections 2014 20-03-2014

Latest poll predicts tie in EU Parliament race

New polling data sees Europe's two largest political families, the Socialists and the Conservatives, winning almost exactly the same number of seats in the European Parliament following the May EU elections. And while EU-reformist forces are set to gain up to 20% of seats, analysts say their influence will be felt in national rather than European politics.
Trade & Society 04-02-2014

Lamy: Social model distinguishes Europe from the rest of the world

The core of European integration is what a layman would call a ‘European way of life’, a specific economic and social model that defines European societies and distinguishes them from the rest of the world, former WTO chief Pascal Lamy has said in web chat organised by EURACTIV and the Notre Europe think tank.

Promoting European construction on the basis of clear alternatives

The European elections on 22 to 25 May 2014 are an event whose importance is in strict proportion to the multifaceted crisis currently affecting the construction of Europe. This great democratic rendezvous must prompt us to address three complementary political challenges, write Jacques Delors, António Vitorino and others.

Half of Europeans still see EU as a good thing

Despite the euro crisis, every second citizen sees his or her country’s EU membership positively and believes the European project brings benefits, says a new study published by the pro-European Notre Europe think tank.
Future EU 03-12-2009

Nine years’ gestation, a difficult birth, 231 pages, undetermined weight: A treaty is born

"The unedifying spectacle of the 'ratification saga' and subsequent institutional patch-up [...] should lead us to ask again about the desirability of retaining the veto, which allows a single member state to paralyse the entire [European] Union," argues French think-tank Notre Europe in a December paper.