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Agrifood 05-05-2021

EU gives green light to bloc’s first edible insect

Dried yellow mealworms are the first insect food to receive the go-ahead for marketing authorisation in the EU after a favourable opinion from member states.
Agrifood 13-01-2021

Grub’s up: Insects could soon be on the menu after EFSA green light

Mealworms are safe for human consumption according to a new opinion by the EU Food Safety Agency (EFSA), paving the way for the first EU-wide approval.
Agrifood 23-08-2018

Eating crickets is good for you, study finds

Eating crickets help support the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, is not only safe at high doses but may also reduce inflammation in the body, a new study finds.  For consumers in North America and Europe, crickets and other edible insects are currently getting popular, a trend the EU’s new Novel Food Regulation may significantly strengthen.
Agrifood 18-11-2015

EU unblocks novel foods entry into European market

EU Agriculture Ministers and the European Parliament put an end on Monday (16 November) to an eight-year-long deadlock on novel foods, adopting a new regulation that is expected to help the innovation-driven products enter the EU market.
Agrifood 04-11-2015

Parliament vote on novel foods heats up cloned animals debate

The European Parliament made it easier for 'novel foods' to enter the EU market last week (28 October). But all matters relating to cloned animals have been added to another legislative proposal, heating up debate on the issue.
French Pavilion

Food industry innovation increases challenges for risk assessment

While the European Commission wants the food industry to become more innovative and create jobs in Europe, the analysis of the risk factors also has to evolve, says the EU's food safety agency. EURACTIV reports from Expo Milano 2015.
Agrifood 19-06-2015

Parliament demands moratorium on cloned animal products

MEPs have taken a harder line than the one proposed by the Commission on cloned animals, refusing to authorise food products from clones and their descendants. EURACTIV France reports
Snail shell snacks
Agrifood 13-05-2015

Parliament makes ‘final offer’ on novel foods, cloning

European Parliament negotiators have tabled what they described as their “final offer” on the EU’s proposed Novel Foods regulation, warning they will not compromise any further with EU member states.
Agrifood 14-04-2015

EU citizens should eat more insects, says industry

The mealworm, silkworms, the housefly and the black soldier fly are some of the insects Europeans should have as a natural part of their diet in the future as they are a good source for protein, says the insects sector.
Agrifood 26-11-2014

Commission sent back to drawing board on novel foods law

The European Parliament's environment committee voted on Monday (24 November) to revise EU rules on novel foods, backing a precautionary approach to new techniques like nanoparticles.
Agrifood 24-07-2014

‘Novel foods’ regulation returns to the EU’s agenda

The European Commission and Parliament are renewing their attempt to update the EU's regulation on novel foods, which was rejected three years ago over ethical and safety concerns related to animal cloning for food production.
Agrifood 12-05-2011

EU cloning ban dispute turns to trade, consumers

A ban on food products coming from the offspring of cloned animals would be compatible with WTO rules, argued a key lawmaker in the European Parliament, who accuses EU countries of scaremongering over a potential trade war with the US.
Agrifood 29-03-2011

Novel foods review stumbles over cloning

Last-chance conciliation talks on a review of the EU's novel foods regulation collapsed early this morning after officials failed to agree on the use of cloned animals' offspring for food production.
Agrifood 18-03-2011

EU novel food regulation review at risk

As talks between the European Parliament and the European Commission to update an EU regulation on novel foods stumble on cloning, the institutions have now two more weeks to find a compromise agreement before the whole review fails on 30 March.
Agrifood 08-07-2010

Parliament calls for EU ban on cloning for food

The European Parliament reiterated its opposition to meat and milk produced from cloned animals yesterday (7 July), piling pressure on the European Commission to ban food produced in this way.

EU food safety watchdog backs piecemeal approach to nanotech risk assessment

Existing toxicity testing approaches can be used for case-by-case risk assessment of nanomaterials in food, according to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), which says there is limited data available on oral exposure to nanoparticles.
Agrifood 15-07-2008

MEPs: Safety, ethics outweigh innovation on novel foods

The main focus of Commission proposals to revise the bloc's market approval process for novel foods is wrong as the plans put more emphasis on innovation and simplified market access than consumer protection, MEPs argued in a debate on 14 July.

EU ethics group advises against cloning animals for food

In a recent opinion, the European Group on Ethics for science and new technologies did not find any argument to justify the production of food from clones and their offspring. Instead, it recommends promoting public debates on the impact of cloning farm animals on agriculture, the environment and society at large.
Health 15-01-2008

Commission encourages development of ‘innovative’ foods

The Commission has proposed speeding up market authorisation for foods ranging from cloned meat to exotic products from third countries. But the proposed centralised authorisation system is raising questions at a time when the safety of GMOs is back under the spotlight.
Economy & Jobs 18-04-2007

Consumer needs drive innovation in food sector

The innovation challenge facing the EU's food industry, which consists mainly of SMEs, will be to tailor products and services to changing environmental and consumer needs.
Health 11-11-2003

GMO moratorium: experts postpone decision

The EU's regulatory committee has deferred a decision on whether or not to approve the import of a sweet corn which has been genetically modified to produce its own insecticide.
Health 05-11-2003

Is the Commission “caving in” to US pressure on GM food?

The Commission is pushing for approval of several GM food products before the new Food and Feed Regulation enters into force in April 2004. This would mean lifting the 5-year de facto moratorium in the EU.