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Politics 09-02-2018

France to spend €37 billion euros on upgrading nuclear arsenal

France is planning a €37-billion revamp of its nuclear arsenal over the next seven years, part of a sharp increase in defence spending aimed at allowing France to "hold its own" as a key power in Europe, the country's defence chief said yesterday (8 February).
Global Europe 02-10-2017

Slovenia rocked by Iran-related money laundering scandal

Slovenia’s state prosecutor has opened a preliminary investigation into claims that the country's biggest state-owned bank, Nova Ljubljanska Banka (NLB), may have laundered nearly €1bn from Iran between 2008 and 2010, breaking an international embargo and failing to enforce rules on the financing of terrorism.
Global Europe 10-08-2017

EU expands sanctions against North Korea amid growing threats

The European Union on Thursday (10 August) expanded its North Korean sanctions blacklist as fiery rhetoric between Washington and Pyongyang sent tensions soaring. The 28-nation EU has steadily increased asset freezes and travel bans on North Korea over its repeated...
Global Europe 17-02-2017

Cold War resurgence? US-Russian missile spat in Europe

The United States and Russia may be on the verge of a new arms race in Europe, decades after the missile crisis that shook the Old Continent in the waning years of the Soviet Union.

Nuclear alarm from Armenia

The nuclear threat from Armenia should not be taken lightly, writes Ilgar Gurbanov.
Global Europe 09-05-2016

Ballistic missile defence and reality

The US ballistic missile defence system in Poland and Romania protects Eastern Europe from a very improbable threat, writes George Friedman.
Global Europe 28-04-2016

Obama and the European Union

European integration was an American idea. If the European Union falls apart, it is hard to see how NATO survives, even in its current state, writes George Friedman.
Global Europe 21-04-2016

Russia’s carrot-and-stick strategy

The NATO-Russia Council meeting held on 20 April failed to produce any concrete conclusions, but although it may be seen as unproductive, its occurrence is still notable, writes Stratfor.
Global Europe 17-06-2015

Russia to beef up its nuclear arsenal, NATO speaks of ‘saber rattling’

Meeting with Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker yesterday (16 June), NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltberg responded to President Vladimir Putin's remarks about adding new nuclear missiles to the Russian arsenal, calling it "saber rattling" and "destabilizing and dangerous".
Global Europe 04-04-2012

A new negotiation platform for the Iranian nuclear programme

With the right manoeuvres, the EU and the US could create a new base of negotiations with the Iranian government where the implementation of its nuclear programme would not be out of question but would create mutual benefits, argues Francisco Galamas and Jelena Petrovic.
Global Europe 26-03-2012

Turkey and the bomb

Policymakers worry that an Iranian atomic weapon will force the country's neighbours to explore the nuclear option, but that is not the case for Turkey, writes Sinan Ülgen.
Trade & Society 05-01-2012

Europe agrees to ramp up pressure on Iran

European governments have agreed in principle to ban imports of Iranian oil, EU diplomats said, dealing a potentially heavy blow to Tehran just months before an Iranian election.