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Energy 14-03-2022

Europe’s beleaguered nuclear industry eyes a comeback

With ambitious decarbonisation targets and an ongoing energy price crisis, Europe is reconsidering the role of nuclear in its energy mix. But any nuclear renaissance will depend on state support and an evolving political landscape, explains Pierre Georges.
Energy 18-01-2022

Living with nuclear power plants at your border

The nuclear industry's announced renaissance to “save the climate” would mean building 600 to 700 new reactors worldwide, significantly increasing the risk of an incident with cross-border implications, write Horst Hamm and Charlotte Migeon.
Energy 12-06-2020

When it comes to nuclear power, fear is a bad advisor

There are many valid arguments against specific nuclear projects – including cost efficiency, safety, and environmental footprint. But one should also be honest in comparing the trade-offs with competing technologies, writes Pieter Cleppe.
Energy 28-05-2019

Visegrad4: From a provincial energy debate to joint action for renewables

The V4 group of countries ignores climate threats, attempts to extend fossil fuel burning, violates air pollution limits and undermines the development of renewable energies. The Visegrad+ Renewable Energy platform has been established to turn this trend around, writes Ada Ámon.
Electricity 19-09-2018

Is nuclear power really in decline?

As Europe and the wider world begins to wake up to the need to cut emissions, Dr Kirill Komarov argues that tackling climate change will see the use of nuclear energy grow in the coming years, not as a competitor to renewables but as a competitor to coal.
Electricity 14-09-2018

Mega infrastructure projects win over clean energy in Visegrad Four

In the Visegrad countries, decision makers prefer their historical favourites – coal and nuclear – to renewable sources and energy efficiency. As the Global Climate Action Summit resumes in San Francisco, it’s important to realise that corporate leadership can also shape the outlook for clean energy in Eastern Europe, writes Ada Ámon.
Enlargement 20-04-2018

Beyond coal, nationalism and EU accession: Squaring the circle for Kosovo

Joining the EU means meeting all of its rules and criteria, including energy legislation. But bloc-hopeful Kosovo, just like its other Balkan neighbours, is struggling to make any headway there, writes Philippe Charlez.
Energy 24-05-2017

The EU needs to meet decarbonisation targets at affordable prices

Nuclear is the only reliable source of low carbon energy, without which decarbonisation targets simply cannot be met at affordable prices, writes Tim Yeo,
Energy 30-11-2016

Nuclear referendum fails to mollify Swiss energy debate

Given the polarisation of the debate and high share of undecided respondents, it comes as no surprise that politicians went back into campaigning mode after the nuclear referendum in Switzerland on Sunday (27 November), write Rolf Wüstenhagen and Adrian Rinscheid.
David Cameron
Brexit 26-11-2015

Why Cameron should bother to visit tiny Austria

London and Vienna see eye-to-eye on a range of issues regarding Britain’s demands for EU reform, including limiting child benefits for the families of EU migrants. But the good relations are not enough to reconcile the conflict over another hot topic: nuclear power, writes Dr Melanie Sully.

MEPs call for a community energy policy

With the national interests prevailing over the EU's competencies in nuclear energy, the EU must come up with a plan to move towards an effective common energy policy, argue MEPs Corine Lepage, Jo Leinen and Satu Hassi.
Electricity 11-07-2011

Germany’s nuclear phase-out will accelerate transition to low-carbon economy

Germany is able to supply its power needs on its own without nuclear, argues Arne Jungjohann from the Heinrich Böll Foundation.
Energy 09-06-2011

Germany: The real costs of ‘zero nuclear’

William C. Ramsay argues that German politicians have not been forthcoming with the public regarding the costs of abandoning nuclear power.
Security 19-06-2006

Analysis: European diplomacy and the conflict over Iran’s nuclear program

In this dossier, published by Deutsche-Aussenpolitik.DeMarco Overhaus analyses the European contribution to the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, focusing on the consequences for the EU’s international role.
Central Europe 03-07-2002

Slovenia and Croatia Falter on Krsko Agreement

Slovenia and Croatia Falter on Krsko Agreement Once again, the five-party ruling coalition in Croatia is going through a deep crisis, this time over the Croatian-Slovene agreement on the Krsko nuclear power plant. The inability to hold a vote on...