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Central Asia 19-10-2016

The Brief: The Brexit break-up talk

Nothing spells the imminent break-up of a relationship like the words, “We need to talk.”
Energy 05-04-2016

Brussels weighs the cost of another century of nuclear power

The European Commission is supposed to make regular assessments of the member states' nuclear installations, a task that has not been carried out since 2008. EURACTIV's partner Journal de l'Environnement reports.

Brussels gets tough on energy efficiency

The European Commission announced seven new infringement decisions against member states on Thursday (19 November). France has been penalised for its failings in energy efficiency and the treatment of radioactive waste. Our partner Journal de l'Environnement reports
Energy 23-06-2015

Bavaria up in arms over Hendrick’s nuclear waste plans

The German government has settled with the country's four nuclear companies on four interim storage facilities for radioactive waste that is currently stored abroad, but Bavaria is up in arms over the decision. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Climate change 20-07-2011

EU agrees to bury nuclear waste in secure bunkers

Radioactive waste from Europe's 143 nuclear reactors must in future be buried in secure bunkers, ministers from EU member states agreed on Tuesday (19 July).
Energy 27-10-2010

EU to propose burying nuclear waste as safest option

The European Commission will promote underground storage as the safest option for storing nuclear waste, according to a leaked proposal which has already irked environmentalists.
Central Europe 23-09-2010

Nuclear waste tops Hungary’s priorities at EU helm

The Hungarian EU Presidency, to be held in the first half of 2011, wants to conclude EU legislation on regulating the disposal of nuclear waste and spent fuel. EURACTIV Hungary reports.
Energy 09-03-2010

EU to table nuclear waste treatment law

The European Commission will table legislative proposals on the treatment of nuclear waste by the year's end, its president José Manuel Barroso announced yesterday (8 March) during a major OECD-hosted conference on civil nuclear power in Paris.
Energy 04-07-2008

Nuclear debate continues to stir up controversy

The role that nuclear should play in the EU's energy mix was the topic of heated debate at a 2 July Brussels conference that tackled a number of issues, including nuclear financing, safety and waste management.
Energy 26-05-2008

EU on quest to end nuclear ‘taboo’

The newly-created European Nuclear Energy Forum met for the second time on 22-23 May and Italy's new government announced it will end a two-decade old moratorium on new plant construction in what is widely perceived as a nuclear 'renaissance' in the EU.
Energy 29-11-2007

Nuclear energy forum launched in Bratislava

The European nuclear energy forum (ENEF) was launched this week, offering a platform for politicians, industry groups and citizens' organisations to debate the risks and opportunities of atomic power. EURACTIV Czech Republic and EURACTIV Slovakia report.
Energy 11-07-2006

G8 to discuss sharing nuclear power with emerging nations

Nuclear power expansion to emerging economies such as China will feature high on the energy agenda of the G8 group of industrialised nations when it meets in St Petersburg from 15 to 17 July.
Trade & Society 30-11-2005

Nuclear back on UK energy policy agenda

Supply threats, rising prices and global warming is putting energy policy around the world "back on the agenda with a vengeance," said Tony Blair who will announce next year whether the UK should re-invest in nuclear.
EU Priorities 2020 30-09-2005

Majority of Europeans oppose nuclear power

Results from a Eurobarometer  survey reveal that EU citizens remain uninformed about radioactive waste and are sceptical about the credibility of information from national governments and the media on nuclear energy.
Energy 29-10-2004

Commission: Nuclear decommissioning funds should be harmonised

A recent report by the Commission reveals widely varying ways of dealing with the decommissioning of nuclear power stations across the EU. This may lead to a distortion of the internal electricity market.
Energy 08-10-2004

Europe needs nuclear to combat climate change, says De Palacio

To fight climate change, the EU must increase the share of renewables, improve energy efficiency, invest in new technologies and keep the nuclear option open, said Commissioner De Palacio at an energy outlook conference.
Energy 10-09-2004

How new is the new nuclear package?

The Commission has made a last ditch push for the controversial nuclear package, hoping to have it adopted before the end of its term. Initial reactions, however, are far from promising.
Energy 14-01-2004

Nuclear package adopted in Parliament

MEPs have adopted two non-binding resolutions on the Commission's 'nuclear package', underlining the responsibility of the Member States on issues of nuclear safety.
Energy 01-12-2003

Parliament Committee: nuclear safety to remain national competence

The Parliament's Industry Committee has adopted its reports on the nuclear package, calling for the retention of national responsibilities for nuclear safety.
Energy 17-10-2003

UK, Germany insist on national competence in nuclear safety issues

Gerhard Schröder and Tony Blair criticised the Commission's draft directive on nuclear safety and nuclear waste, foiling efforts to find a compromise.
Energy 09-10-2003

Parliament Committee challenges Commission’s ‘nuclear package’

On 6 October, the Parliament's Industry Committee discussed two draft Reports on the Commission's proposed Directives on nuclear safety and nuclear waste management.
Energy 07-11-2002

Commission adopts nuclear energy package

On 6 November, the Commission adopted several controversial proposals on nuclear energy. The proposals would give the Commission more supervisory powers over the safety of the nuclear sector in view of the Union's enlargement.
Climate change 15-07-2002

110 million euro to clean up nuclear waste in the Barents Sea

In a pledging conference on the "Nordic Dimension Environmental Partnership", the EU and several member states committed themselves to assist in cleaning up the world's worst nuclear waste site.