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Europe's East 07-09-2015

Why Northern Kazakhstan will not follow Eastern Donbass

Similarly to Ukraine, post-Soviet Kazakhstan is also asserting its national identity, but the absence of EU ambition toward Astana and its participation in the Eurasian Union preserves the country from a Donbass-type scenario, writes Michael Emerson
Armenia 08-01-2015

Latvia claims its presidency won’t be ‘anti-Russian’

Latvia, which took over the rotating EU Presidency on 1 January, will try to overcome stereotypes and convince Moscow that its intentions are in no way anti-Russian, the country’s foreign minister Edgars Rink?vi?s told journalists in Riga yesterday (7 January).
Nursultan Äbishuly Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan
Energy 25-03-2014

Nuclear non-proliferation treaty is unfair

Kazakhstan believes that the present Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty needs to be modernised and better balanced. It is frankly unfair that the original five nuclear weapon states are free from the obligations which require all other signatories to provide the IAEA with complete information on their civilian nuclear programs, projects and plans, writes Nursultan Äbishuly Nazarbayev.