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Transport 27-02-2015

Energy Union: The road ahead for more efficient transport

Climate and energy crises are looming and only ambitious action can make the EU more environmentally friendly, energy secure and innovative at the same time, writes Nuša Urban?i?. 

What a good resolution to the biofuels reform would look like

?The best way to promote advanced biofuels is to correctly account for indirect land use change (ILUC), writes Nusa Urbancic.
Transport 09-01-2015

Lessons learned from an eight-year battle for cleaner fuels

The European Commission ignored scientific advice, and crumbled in the face of lobbying by Canada, the US, and oil majors, when it watered down legislation concerning the dirtiest and costliest oil, writes Nusa Urbancic.
Energy 24-11-2014

Scribbling in the margins – biodiesel’s efforts to make itself look good

The European biodiesel industry has claimed that the carbon savings of biofuels have been underestimated by the European Commission. But the reasoning behind the assertion is flawed, writes Nusa Urbancic. 
Energy 10-10-2013

Europe must avoid tarring and feathering itself

Europe's international standing on climate issues will be tarnished if it gives into pressure from the tar sands lobby to allow unregulated imports of tar sands, argues Nuša Urban?i?.
Energy 09-10-2013

Europe must avoid tarring and feathering itself

All signs point towards growing interest in importing more tar sands-based fuels to Europe. While Europe is regulating carmakers to make more fuel-efficient cars, it should also ensure that the fuels their engines run on are not getting dirtier, writes Nusa Urbancic.