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Global Europe 07-03-2014

Putin and Obama discuss Ukraine and ‘Realpolitik’

In a telephone conversation with US President Barack Obama, his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin pleaded that Russian-US relations should not be sacrificed by “disagreements on individual issues”, such as Moscow's de facto annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula.
Global Europe 28-10-2013

Fresh claims emerge in US-Germany spying row

Barack Obama knew his intelligence services were eavesdropping on Angela Merkel as long ago as 2010, according to a report published yesterday (27 October) by German newspaper Bild am Sonntag, which claims the US president did not trust her handling of the eurozone crisis.
Global Europe 06-09-2013

World leaders tell Obama there is no military solution in Syria

US President Barack Obama faced growing pressure from Russia's Vladimir Putin and other world leaders yesterday (5 September) to decide against launching military strikes in Syria, which many of them fear would hurt the global economy and push up oil prices.
Global Europe 21-03-2013

White House clears way for start of trade talks with EU

The White House on Wednesday (20 March) formally notified Congress of its plans to begin trade talks with the European Union, an effort to leverage the world's largest trade and investment relationship to create new economic growth.
Global Europe 13-02-2013

Obama calls for start of ‘comprehensive’ trade talks with EU

President Barack Obama on Tuesday (12 February) called for talks on a far-reaching free trade agreement with the European Union, throwing his weight behind a deal that would encompass half the world's economic output.

EU policymakers fret about US election, quietly support Obama

A change of face at the White House would clearly have an impact on transatlantic relations, according to EU policymakers in Brussels contacted by EURACTIV. Although the European Union is closely watching the US presidential campaign, politicians are reluctant to take sides.
Euro & Finance 19-06-2012

EU in the dock at G20 summit

World leaders pressured Europe yesterday (18 June) to take ambitious steps to resolve its debt crisis after Sunday’s victory for pro-bailout parties in a Greek election failed to calm markets or ease worries that wider turmoil could derail the global economy.
Global Europe 13-06-2012

Can the EU save the two-state solution?

The Obama administration is busy fighting for re-election and has already failed to produce a breakthrough in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. So now might be the time for Europe to take the lead, argue Dimitris Bouris and Stuart Reigeluth.
Euro & Finance 22-05-2012

Obama urges bolder EU action to fend off crisis

US President Barack Obama urged Europe yesterday (21 May) to strengthen its defences against financial market turmoil and recapitalise its banks as part of a four-pronged strategy for tackling the eurozone crisis. 
Central Europe 25-05-2011

Kosovo boycott mars Poland’s Eastern summit

The presidents of Serbia, Romania and Slovakia threatened to boycott a summit of Central and South-Eastern European countries, to be held in Warsaw over the two next days (27-28 May) with the presence of US President Barack Obama, over the participation on an equal footing of Kosovo's president.
Global Europe 03-05-2011

Romania hosts US missile shield, discloses details

Romanian President Traian Basescu announced today (3 May) the precise location of missile interceptors forming part of a planned US missile shield over Europe. He also announced that an airbase and the country's main sea port would be at the disposal of US troops.
Global Europe 02-05-2011

EU hails death of ‘heinous criminal’ Bin Laden

EU leaders today (2 May) hailed the demise of al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, who was killed in a firefight with US forces in Pakistan. His death marks the end of a decade-long hunt for the mastermind of the 2001 attacks on New York and Washington.
Brexit 23-03-2011

Coalition looks to NATO to take over Libya operations

Western nations waging an air campaign in Libya agreed yesterday (22 March) to use NATO to drive the military effort but lack the backing of all alliance members and are divided on the mission's leadership.
Brexit 20-03-2011

France, Britain lead operation against Gaddafi

Western forces hit targets along the Libyan coast for a second day today (20 March), using air and sea strikes to force Muammar Gaddafi's troops to cease fire and end attacks on civilians.
Global Europe 20-12-2010

The EU-India strategic partnership: Are we there yet?

A free trade area rather than a strategic partnership is what the EU needs with India, writes Gauri Khandekar for Madrid-based think-tank FRIDE.
Global Europe 01-12-2010

Russian president warns of new arms race

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warned yesterday (30 November) that a new arms race would be sparked within the next decade unless Russia and the West forged an agreement to cooperate on building a missile defence system.
Trade & Society 22-11-2010

EU, US leaders pledge efforts for trade deal

The European Union and the United States promised on 20 November to use their considerable economic weight to try to secure a successful conclusion to the Doha round of global trade negotiations in 2011.
Global Europe 04-11-2010

Weakened at home, Obama could turn to foreign policy

US President Barack Obama could turn to foreign policy as a way to claw back popularity after his mid-term election setback, which has left him weakened in domestic politics, Reuters writes in an analysis piece.
Elections 02-11-2010

Americans vote in crucial Obama mid-term test

After a long and bitter campaign, Americans cast their votes today (2 November) in elections that could sweep the Democrats from power in Congress and slam the brakes on President Barack Obama's legislative agenda.
Global Europe 02-09-2010

France laments EU absence from Israel-Palestine talks

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner has deplored the absence of the European Union from direct talks between Israel and Palestine, which are due to start today (2 September) in Washington.
Brexit 01-09-2010

Obama ends Iraq war amid low-key atmosphere

No public festivities in the US and no statements from the EU – so far. The announcement by the White House of the end of the Iraq war, which took the lives of more than 4,700 coalition troops - including many Europeans - came amid a muted atmosphere.
Global Europe 16-04-2010

Obama’s first year: A Transformational Presidency?

"2010 will be decisive in terms of whether Obama keeps his promise of change," writes Marcin Zaborowski, senior research fellow at the Centre for International Studies, in an April paper.
Euro & Finance 16-02-2010

EU finance ministers not thrilled by US banking plan

If US President Barack Obama's plan to ban proprietary trading at some banks were to be applied in the European Union, it could be problematic for the bloc's universal banks, an EU document obtained by Reuters said.
Future EU 02-02-2010

Obama’s Madrid snub exposes ‘excessive’ EU summitry

The European Union holds too many bilateral summits too often, sometimes with unclear agendas. US President Barack Obama decided to skip the 24-25 May EU-US Madrid summit as a result of "excessive summitry", analysts told EURACTIV.