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Economy & Jobs 21-02-2017

Member states’ broad definition of tax havens raises concerns

EU finance ministers agreed today (21 February) on criteria that will be used to label tax-free jurisdictions as offshore territories, sparking concerns about the negative impact on EU’s future black-list.
Elections 12-04-2016

Hoping to restore trust, Cameron tightens tax laws

British Prime Minister David Cameron said yesterday (11 April) he was tightening laws to end tax evasion without deterring "aspiration", hoping to end scrutiny of his personal wealth and restore trust in his leadership.
Europe's East 09-06-2015

Putin gives amnesty to offshore capital

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law yesterday (8 June) an amnesty for people who illegally spirited funds out of the country, hoping to counter the capital flight that has contributed to the country's economic crisis.
Global Europe 14-06-2013

Putin slams EU for ‘dependency mentality’

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking ahead of the G8 Summit in Northern Ireland on 17-18 June, said his country would not follow the mistakes of Europe that led to the eurozone crisis. In a wide-ranging interview he blamed the EU’s "mentality” for endangering the economy and the “moral basics of society”.

Offshore tax havens rocked by bank account leaks

The offshore financial industry has been hit by the leak of 2.5 million secret bank accounts of companies and nationals in 170 countries to 86 journalists worldwide, under the leadership of the International Consortium of investigative journalism. Publication began this week.
Euro & Finance 23-10-2012

Offshore deposits move from Cyprus to Latvia

Offshore funds flowing from crisis-hit Cyprus have helped boost bank deposits in Latvia, strengthening the small Baltic state's position as an offshore banking centre for neighbouring Russia and other ex-Soviet states, recent data reveal.