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Energy 31-01-2020

Investors warned against sudden ‘handbrake’ on high-polluting oil projects

A sudden break on oil drilling caused by last-minute climate action from regulators could halve the value of new projects being developed today, according to fresh analysis published on Friday (31 January).
Energy 30-03-2018

Offshore oil facing countdown to comply with new EU safety rules

Oil companies operating in European waters are racing to comply with a 19 July deadline to implement new EU safety rules on offshore drilling adopted in the aftermath of the disastrous BP oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico.
Energy 03-07-2017

Ignoring Trump, France’s Total signs major Iran gas deal

French energy giant Total was set to defy US pressure today (3 July), signing a multi-billion-dollar gas deal with Iran, the first by a European firm in more than a decade.
Zagreb 1 oil rig.
Energy 10-12-2014

South Stream demise leads Croatia to revive gas terminal project

Spurred by the demise of Russia's South Stream gas pipeline project, Croatia has revived a decade-old idea of building a liquefied natural gas import terminal at the deepwater oil port of Omisalj, on the island of Krk.
Energy 22-02-2013

Europe to get its first EU-wide offshore oil and gas law

The EU proposed yesterday (21 February) its first law to regulate safety in offshore oil and gas drilling across the 27-member bloc and prevent any repeat of BP's catastrophic Gulf of Mexico spill.
Energy 16-01-2013

UK seeks to water down Arctic oil drilling proposals

The UK government is seeking to water down planned EU regulations on deep-sea oil drilling, even while insisting to MPs that it wants "robust environmental protection" for oil drilling in the Arctic.
Climate change 15-10-2012

Norway to double carbon tax on oil industry

Norway is to double the carbon tax on its North Sea oil industry and set up a £1bn (€1.23bn) fund to help combat the damaging impacts of climate change in the developing world.
Climate change 19-07-2012

EU energy chief warms to offshore oil and shale gas

Europe is at a competitive disadvantage because of a reluctance to take risks on offshore oil drilling and tar sands, and a failure to fully explore its shale gas options, EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger says.
Energy 16-07-2012

High offshore safety standards in North Sea must not be risked

The European Commission’s intention to improve safety in offshore oil and gas across Europe by using the UK’s best practices should be welcomed. However, the form of legislation proposed would have the opposite effect and undo decades of established regulatory experience - putting the safety of workers at risk, writes Malcolm Webb, chief executive of Oil & Gas UK.
Energy 14-09-2011

Parliament rejects calls for offshore oil drilling ban

The European Parliament has rejected calls for a moratorium on offshore drilling, pushing instead for Brussels to adopt new rules obliging oil majors to subscribe to insurance schemes in order to cover the potentially disastrous consequences of an oil spill.
Climate change 23-11-2010

Environmental liability: Applying the ‘polluter pays’ principle

Successive man-made disasters have seen the EU adopt rules to enforce the 'polluter pays principle' on companies responsible for major environmental damage. 
Climate change 12-10-2010

UK sees no need for EU deepwater drilling ban

There is no case for declaring a moratorium on deepwater oil or gas drilling in British waters, the UK government said yesterday (11 October), as the EU is expected to call for a temporary ban until probe is completed into the causes of BP's spill in the Gulf of Mexico.