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Energy 13-06-2022

Italy minister says nationalisation an option for Lukoil refinery

Italy's ecological transition minister on 11 June said nationalisation was among the options for Lukoil's Italian refinery based in the island of Sicily.
Europe's East 03-06-2022

Pyrrhic victory for Hungary as EU approves sanctions targeting Russian oil and Sberbank

EU ambassadors on Thursday (2 June) gave their final approval to the sixth sanctions package on Russian seaborne oil and top bank Sberbank, after much wrangling with Hungary over the removal of Russian Orthodox leader Patriarch Kirill from the EU sanctions list.
Europe's East 30-05-2022

It’s time for Paris-Berlin-Warsaw leadership on the war in Ukraine

Germany, France and Poland must offer political leadership on the Ukraine crisis, starting with finalising an embargo on Russian oil, writes Marcin Korolec.
Europe's East 27-05-2022

EU realistically in for the long-haul on Russian oil ban

Hungary is digging in its heels, and the prospect of the sixth sanction package against Russia, including a ban on imports of Russian oil, being approved before the EU summit on Monday (30 May) is decreasing, EURACTIV understands.
Energy 23-05-2022

EU countries urged to prepare for Russian gas cut: summit draft

EU member states need to step up preparations for a possible major disruption of Russian gas supplies, according to the draft conclusions of an EU summit meeting scheduled for Monday and Tuesday next week (30-31 May).
Global Europe 16-05-2022

EU ministers urge Hungary to sign up to planned Russian oil embargo

EU foreign ministers sought to publicly pressure Hungary on Monday (16 May) to lift its veto on a proposed oil embargo on Russia, with Lithuania saying the bloc was being "held hostage by one member state".
Energy 10-05-2022

EU considers more cash for eastern states in bid for deal on Russia oil ban

The European Commission is considering offering landlocked eastern European Union states more money to upgrade oil infrastructure in a bid to convince them to agree to an embargo on Russian oil, an EU source said on Monday (9 May).

French politicians silent on EU’s oil embargo plans, fear Yellow Vests

French politicians are keeping quiet about the EU's proposed embargo on Russian oil, most likely to avoid new tensions with the Yellow Vests movement, whose protests shook the country in 2018-2019.
Energy 04-05-2022

EU proposes ‘complete ban’ on Russian oil imports within six to eight months

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen unveiled the sixth package of sanctions against Russia on Wednesday (4 May), including a “complete ban on all Russian oil” and refined petroleum products within the next six months and more sanctions against banks.
Energy 02-05-2022

EU to propose phasing out Russian oil by year-end in new sanctions wave

The EU will propose a phased out ban on Russian oil imports as part of a fresh round of sanctions against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, sources said on Sunday (1 May).
Europe's East 27-04-2022

EU inches forward on Russian oil ban as Germany, Hungary soften opposition

The two main opponents to a ban on Russian oil imports, Germany and Hungary, have softened their opposition to the move. EURACTIV looks at the options on the table and the state of play.
Energy 26-04-2022

Germany ‘very, very’ close to independence from Russian oil

Thanks to efforts to diversify oil suppliers and with support from the Polish government, Germany is days away from being independent of Russian oil, Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck said.
Energy 11-04-2022

Russian oil embargo could be part of next EU sanctions package, say ministers

The European Union's executive is drafting proposals for an EU oil embargo on Russia, the foreign ministers of Ireland, Lithuania and the Netherlands said on Monday (11 April), although there is still no agreement to ban Russian crude.
Europe's East 21-03-2022

Ukraine refuses to surrender Mariupol after Russian ultimatum

Ukraine rejected Russian calls to surrender the port city of Mariupol, where residents are besieged with little food, water and power in a humanitarian crisis that is increasing pressure on European leaders to toughen sanctions on Moscow.
Global Europe 19-01-2015

EU foreign ministers to discuss Libyan oil embargo

An oil embargo is one tactic the European Union could use to press for a solution to the crisis in Libya, according to a discussion paper drawn up by the EU's diplomatic service.
Energy 06-07-2012

Swiss opt out of Iran oil ban backed by EU, US

The Swiss government will not match European Union sanctions on Iran, deciding yesterday (5 July) that its own pending set of toughened measures would exclude a ban on trading Iranian oil and defending its traditional neutrality in the face of EU and U.S. pressure.
Energy 23-01-2012

Iran urged to return to table, as EU imposes oil embargo

As the EU banned oil imports from Iran and imposed biting new sanctions yesterday (23 January), Europe’s foreign affairs chief called on Teheran to "return to the table" for more talks.
Global Europe 20-01-2012

EU still divided over details of Iran oil embargo

European Union envoys failed to agree details of a planned embargo on Iranian crude yesterday (19 January), but diplomats said governments still sought to finalise the ban at a meeting of EU foreign ministers on Monday.