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Energy 13-06-2019

Suspected attack on tankers shows volatility of oil markets

The price of crude oil, which has been languishing at five-month lows, jumped suddenly on Thursday (13 June) following unconfirmed reports of an attack on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman.
Climate change 17-01-2008

Erika oil-slick trial sets ‘ecological prejudice’ precedent

In a landmark decision that could set a legal precedent, the French energy giant Total and three other parties have been charged for their role in the sinking of the Erika ship, which caused a major oil spill in 1999.
Transport 08-06-2007

Member states and MEPs head for troubled waters over maritime safety

A vote in the Transport Council on planned rules for beefing-up shipping standards and preventing accidents at sea saw member states confirm their opposition to Parliament's stance on issues such as ship inspections and assistance for vessels in distress. 
Transport 05-06-2007

Maximum fines requested in Erika oil-slick trial

Prosecutors have requested maximum fines for French oil company Total and imprisonment for the manager and the owner of the Erika tanker, for their role in the sinking of the Erika ship, which caused a major oil spill, devastating the French coast in 1999.
Energy 04-04-2007

Black Sea oil pipeline to start flowing by 2012

Five southern European countries and the Commission signed a declaration on 3 April 2007 to build a pipeline to bring oil from the Black Sea to central European markets by 2012, in a move aimed at reducing the EU's energy dependence.
Energy 16-03-2007

New pipeline to bring Russian oil to Mediterranean

To reduce congestion at the Bosphorus Strait, Russia, Greece and Bulgaria have agreed to build an oil pipeline that links the Bulgarian port of Burgas and the Greek port of Alexandroupolis, increasing Europe's dependency on Russian imports.
Transport 01-03-2007

MEPs call for safer shipping rules

The European Parliament's transport committee voted to strengthen rules aimed at preventing and controlling the effects of accidents at sea and ship pollution, two weeks after the opening of the 'Erika' trial in Paris.
Transport 10-12-2004

EU steps up maritime safety in bid to prevent sea pollution

Member states have agreed to international maritime safety rules to protect EU shores from oil spills. Recognition of sailors' qualifications is also to be made easier to cut down on red tape and favour mobility.

Maritime safety and Galileo on Transport Council agenda

EU transport ministers will discuss new measures to improve shipping safety during their Council meeting on 27 June.