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  • Russia, ExxonMobil seal $1bn Black Sea oil deal

    Energy 28-01-2011

    US-based ExxonMobil, the biggest privately-controlled oil company in the world, will make a new investment in Russia for the first time in over a decade as Moscow seeks to thaw its frosty investor climate and keep its oil flowing.

  • Russia-Belarus dispute cuts EU diesel supplies

    Energy 18-01-2011

    Russia will not restart oil supplies to Belarus, halted due to a pricing row, until at least 20 January, when the heads of both governments are scheduled to meet, official sources announced today (18 January).

  • Environmentalists blast UK-Russia ‘Bolshoi Petroleum’ deal

    Energy 17-01-2011

    BP agreed on 14 January to form a joint venture with Rosneft to develop three massive offshore exploration blocks that Rosneft owns in the Arctic territory of Russia. US lawmakers, the UK's opposition Labour party and environmentalists blasted the deal, which has been dubbed 'Bolshoi Petroleum'.

  • ‘Milestone’ pipeline starts delivering Russian crude to China

    Energy 03-01-2011

    Russia, the world's biggest producer and exporter of oil, began delivering crude oil to China on 1 January via a newly-built pipeline hailed as a 'milestone'. Until now, Russia had only delivered oil to China by rail.

  • IEA warns of high oil prices if climate pledges not met

    Energy 10-11-2010

    The International Energy Agency (IEA) has appealed to governments to implement their climate pledges vigorously to avoid doubling oil prices.

  • Oettinger proposes deepwater drilling moratorium

    Energy 08-07-2010

    The European Union should consider a moratorium on new deepwater drilling for oil until a probe is completed into the causes of BP's spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Europe's energy chief said on yesterday (7 July).

  • EU urged to regulate deep-sea drilling after BP spill

    Climate change 09-06-2010

    In the aftermath of the BP oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico, Food & Water Watch, an environmental consumer organisation, has called on EU authorities to tighten inspections of oil production facilities to avoid similar disasters in European waters. The European Commission has already held preliminary talks on the issue with industry representatives.

  • Pragmatism prevails at EU-Russia summit

    Justice & Home Affairs 01-06-2010

    Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is hosting EU leaders today (1 June) for a summit aimed at putting aside past differences and focusing on reviving trade and boosting troubled economies.

  • EU ministers agree on oil stocks

    Energy 15-06-2009

    Energy ministers moved to address the EU's supply security on Friday (12 June) by reaching political agreement on minimum oil stocks of 90 days.

  • Russia builds Baltic oil pipeline to bypass Belarus

    Med & South 11-06-2009

    Russia started building a $4 billion oil pipeline on 10 June to cut Belarus from a key supply route to Europe, as tensions grow between the ex-Soviet allies over warming ties between Minsk and the European Union.

  • Bicycles touted as ‘first modern post-fossil vehicle’

    Sports 15-05-2009

    Cycling is not only good for the health, but can also help tackle global challenges like climate change and oil dependency, specialists argued at the world 'Velo-City' conference in Brussels this week.

  • ‘Tough task ahead’ for EU-Russia talks

    Med & South 24-04-2009

    Energy, trade, investment and security will be at the heart of EU-Russia partnership negotiations, according to Russian academic Andrei V. Zagorski. The expert, from the Moscow State Institute for International Relations, told EURACTIV Slovakia in an interview that he expected progress to be slow, but expressed optimism that the outcome would be successful.

  • Refiners turn to cogeneration to fulfil climate obligations

    Energy 26-03-2009

    With energy representing up to 50% of operational costs, oil refineries are increasingly looking for opportunities to invest in energy efficiency, with combined heat and power production representing an important part of the solution.

  • Business, civil society urge EU to slash oil dependency

    Energy 13-01-2009

    Europe must reduce its oil demand by over half within the next forty years to tackle climate change and address growing difficulties in securing access to fossil fuels, an EU consultative body argued last week (9 January).

  • Future supply concerns grow as oil becomes cheaper

    Energy 01-12-2008

    Large energy projects for oil, gas and renewables are facing a "double whammy" of falling oil prices and tightening financing conditions, raising concerns about future supplies once demand start to pick up again, experts have warned.

  • Energy prices ‘stronger for longer’, says BP

    Energy 01-10-2008

    Surging demand in developing countries and global fossil fuel supply constraints are creating volatility in energy markets and will keep prices up over the long term, BP's Chief Economist Christof Rühl told EURACTIV in an interview.

  • EU energy chief backs Arctic drilling

    Climate change 22-09-2008

    Despite environmentalists' warnings against drilling for oil and gas in such a fragile ecosystem, EU Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs said guaranteeing Europe's energy security justified further exploration of the North Pole.

  • EU still divided by national borders

    Transport 18-08-2008

    Crossing borders between EU countries which have officially eliminated frontier controls remains a challenge, mainly as a result of queues at petrol stations in countries with cheaper gas, journalists from EURACTIV discovered while travelling over the vacation period.

  • Report warns of Canadian oil sands climate risks

    Energy 01-08-2008

    The rush to exploit Canada's heavy tar-sand oil, which necessitates more energy to recover than conventional oils, could significantly increase global risks of dangerous climate change, warns a new report by the WWF and the Co-Operative Financial Services (CFS), a UK financial group.

  • Russia suspected of ‘pipeline politics’ over Czech oil cuts

    Med & South 31-07-2008

    While Moscow insists recent reductions in Russian oil deliveries to the Czech Republic were due to technical reasons, there is speculation that the cuts may be politically motivated and linked to Prague’s recent decision to host an American radar that is part of the US missile shield defence system.

  • Interview: EU’s Kovács backs ‘Robin Hood’ tax on oil firms

    Social Europe & Jobs 18-07-2008

    In an exclusive interview with EURACTIV Hungary, EU Taxation Commissioner László Kovács backed the idea of applying 'Robin Hood' taxes to oil companies as a means of compensating the poor for soaring fuel prices.

  • Business and Commission in plea for Nabucco pipeline

    Med & South 04-07-2008

    Top officials at the Commission and one of Central Europe's largest oil and gas groups yesterday (2 July) called for progress to be made on the Nabucco project, which aims to reduce Europe's dependency on Russian gas supplies. But they warned that its realisation would depend on "foreign policy scenarios".

  • OPEC: Oil market ‘well supplied’, prices to climb further

    Energy 25-06-2008

    The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) insists that there is sufficient oil on the market and that oil prices will continue to rise due to numerous problems unrelated to supply levels, according to comments made by OPEC officials in Brussels yesterday (24 June). 

  • EU calls for lower oil prices at Saudi meeting

    Energy 23-06-2008

    EU Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs called for a partnership between producing and consuming countries to bring the price of oil per barrel to a "two-digit" figure, speaking at a summit in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on Sunday (22 June).