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  • No agreement on tackling fuel prices at EU summit

    Economy & Jobs 20-06-2008

    Amid the plethora of proposals, European heads of state and government were unable to overcome their divisions over how best to address soaring oil prices during the European summit in Brussels.

  • EU leaders to grapple with soaring fuel prices

    Energy 19-06-2008

    As EU leaders prepare to discuss measures to alleviate the current oil price crisis at a summit in Brussels today, leading EU politicians argue that the single best solution is to impose more ambitious fuel efficiency targets for cars.

  • Commission U-turn on fuel aid to fishermen

    Social Europe & Jobs 18-06-2008

    The European Commission yesterday (17 June) outlined a series of measures "to tackle the immediate social and economic hardship" of rising fuel costs on fishermen, just weeks after it refused to make any short-term concessions to the EU's ailing fishing industry.

  • G8: Oil, food prices endanger global economy

    Energy 16-06-2008

    Finance ministers from the G8 countries met on 13 and 14 June to discuss the current state of the global economy. The group expressed "strong concerns" about soaring crude oil and agricultural commodity prices, issues that are also high on the EU's current political agenda. 

  • Fishermen protest in Brussels against fuel prices

    Energy 04-06-2008

    As EU finance ministers gathering in Luxembourg struggled to develop a sound reaction to rising petrol and fuel prices, angry fishermen from across Europe are taking their pleas to Brussels. 

  • Oil protests take EU by storm

    Social Europe & Jobs 02-06-2008

    Strikes and protests have spread across Europe amid growing anger at record-high oil prices, with leaders from the 27 EU countries at odds over the best response to the crisis.

  • Oil and gas firms pinned on transparency

    Sustainable Development 29-04-2008

    Leading oil and gas companies do not report sufficiently about their activities in host countries, particularly on payments made to governments for resource extraction rights, leaving the door open to corruption, said Transparency International (TI) in a new report.

  • EU eyes raise of emergency oil stocks as prices soar

    Energy 23-04-2008

    The European Commission has launched a public consultation on whether changes should be made to the management of emergency oil stocks held by EU member states as oil prices edged closer to $120 a barrel on Tuesday (22 April).

  • EU-Iraq energy deal taking shape

    Energy 17-04-2008

    The EU is finalising a new energy deal with Iraq following a visit by Nouri al-Maliki, the country's prime minister, to Brussels this week. The agreement is part of EU efforts to diversify its energy supply, but there are doubts about how much the EU can realistically decrease its dependence on Russia. 

  • IEA refutes ‘peak oil’, points to lack of investment

    Energy 01-02-2008

    Insufficient investment, political instability and blocked access to key oil and gas reserves have distorted the global fossil fuel market and driven up prices, according to the International Energy Agency, which has downplayed concerns about imminent oil shortages.

  • EU energy chief warns about ‘peak oil’

    Energy 16-01-2008

    Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs has drawn attention to the 'overlooked' issue of dwindling oil reserves coupled with rapidly growing and unprecedented global demand. His comments were made in the run-up to the publication of a widely-anticipated package of Commission legislative proposals on energy and climate change.

  • US report tells ‘hard truths’ about energy

    Energy 19-07-2007

    The world is faced with a looming oil supply crunch that will require the United States to tap into all available energy sources and reduce its CO2 emissions, according to a draft report by the National Petroleum Council, an advisory body to the US government.