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Global Europe 23-08-2017

Ukraine sees itself victim of Russian ‘provocation’ in North Korea missile row

Ukraine called allegations about the use of Ukrainian technology in the North Korean missile program a “Russian provocation” on Tuesday (22 August).
Europe's East 10-04-2015

New Ukraine doctrine embraces NATO

Ukraine, locked in conflict with Russian-backed separatists in its east, announced a new security doctrine on Thursday (9 April), denouncing Russia's "aggression" and setting its sights on joining the US-led NATO military alliance.
People bring flowers, lit candles and black and orange ribbons of St. George to mourn the death in Odessa, at the gate of the Ukrainian embassy in Moscow. Photo Reuters
Global Europe 05-05-2014

Odessa carnage adds fuel to pro-Russian fire in Ukraine

Pro-Russian militants stormed a Ukrainian police station in Odessa yesterday (4 May) and freed nearly 70 fellow activists as the country's leaders lamented a police force they said was widely undermined by graft or collaboration with separatists.
Oleksander Turchinov
Europe's East 16-04-2014

Ukraine says it launched ‘anti-terrorist’ operation

Ukrainian forces launched a "special operation" yesterday (15 April) against separatist militias in the Russian-speaking east, authorities said, although aside from a landing by airborne troops, the action was limited.
Pro-Russian armed men stand guard in Slaviansk, Reuters photo
Global Europe 14-04-2014

EU ministers meet as Russia warns of civil war in Ukraine

Russia said it was “the west's responsibility to prevent civil war in Ukraine," while NATO described the appearance in eastern Ukraine of troops with Russian weapons, and identical uniforms without insignia, as "a concerted campaign of violence by pro-Russian separatists, aiming to destabilise Ukraine as a sovereign state".

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