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National renovation plans falling short of EU’s 2050 climate goal: study

The long-term renovations strategies that EU countries submitted last year to the European Commission are not in line with the bloc's objective of reaching climate-neutrality by 2050, according to fresh analysis due to be published this week.
Climate change 14-02-2017

Distrust of construction industry could put EU building renovations ‘at risk’

European Union plans to spur building renovation risk being hindered by distrust in the construction industry, a conference on the bloc’s flagship energy strategy heard last Wednesday (8 February) in Brussels.
Energy 09-02-2017

The energy efficiency package: Boosting renovation in the EU

Euractiv has organised a workshop to discuss the EU's approach towards energy efficiency in buildings.
Energy 03-11-2014

Governments ignoring EU building renovation rules

SPECIAL REPORT: European Union governments are ignoring the benefits of building stock renovation for energy efficiency and security, new research obtained by EURACTIV has found.
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Energy 01-11-2014

Energy Efficiency in Non-residential Buildings

The Energy Efficiency Communication, released by the European Commission earlier this year, proposed a new energy efficiency target of 30% for 2030, a figure that has caused some debate among stakeholders. EU Member States have already signed up to a voluntary objective of reducing the EU's primary energy use by 20% by 2020, measured against 2005 levels.
Energy 13-03-2014

Building efficiency sector: ‘The 2030 debate was a set-up’

The EU’s climate establishment rigged the debate on 2030 targets with stacked projections for energy efficiency savings discounts, and wildly optimistic assumptions about the carbon market, according to buildings efficiency industry and NGO sources.
Energy 07-06-2012

Building renovation can cut energy use and boost jobs

With the right policy framework and action to reduce energy consumed by Europe's building stock, EU member countries can create jobs, save money, reduce levels of greenhouse gases and improve energy security,  argues Oliver Rapf.
Energy 07-02-2012

Buildings renovation: Effective tool for energy savings

Improving the energy efficiency of buildings is the single most effective way to meet the EU’s energy savings goals, argues Oliver Rapf of the Buildings Performance Institute Europe.