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Elections 20-12-2013

Olli Rehn: There needs to be a post-election coalition

Over the past weeks, Olli Rehn has put himself on the map as potential liberal candidate for the presidency of the European Commission. But now the man known as 'bailout commissioner' has to beat the most well-known liberal across Europe, Guy Verhofstadt.  In an interview with EURACTIV, Rehn reveals his plan for a winning campaign.
Enlargement 21-11-2008

Commissioner Rehn: ‘I am just the factory manager’

Iceland could well compete with Croatia to become the 28th EU member state if it decided to join the bloc, Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview, taking stock of negotiations with prospective members and his role in the process, the importance of the Lisbon Treaty and his personal future.
Enlargement 16-10-2008

Commissioner Rehn: No enlargement ‘sabbatical’ after Irish ‘no’

The uncertain fate of the Lisbon Treaty will not delay the EU's enlargement as both processes are not directly linked, Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn told EURACTIV Czech Republic. But Rehn is confident that the new treaty will be in place ahead of Croatia's likely accession in 2010.
Central Europe 23-10-2007

Olli Rehn: Turkey membership ‘vital’ for EU

Future enlargements are "a vital part of the solution" to problems that the EU will face in the decades to come, according to Commissioner Olli Rehn. The "progressive and well-managed" integration of Turkey into the European Union should be part of this strategy, he says in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV.