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  • Eurogroup announces Lithuania’s hopes to join euro, warns Greece to speed up bailout talks

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 28-01-2014

    Lithuania hopes to join the euro in 2015, emulating its Baltic neighbours Latvia and Estonia.
    The announcement came after a meeting of eurozone finance ministers in Brussels on Monday, where the Eurgroup's head Jeroen (Yurun) Dijsselbloem said that Vilnius was 'very determined' to join the currency bloc.
    It is the country's second attempt to join, after an earlier failed bid when it missed a target for inflation.

  • Rehn clears way for Verhofstadt to lead Liberal’s election campaign

    News | EU Elections 2014 21-01-2014

    The two liberal candidates in the European Commission presidential race, Olli Rehn and Guy Verhofstadt, reached an agreement yesterday (20 January), cancelling their expected duel over the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe's candidacy for the European Commission presidency.

  • ALDE Party Congress 2013

     Video | Promoted content | EU Elections 2014 17-01-2014

    The ALDE Party has closed its 34th and most successful annual Congress, held this year in London, between 28 and 30 November 2013.


    A thousand delegates from across the European continent gathered in the British capital's iconic Canary Wharf complex in the heart of the business district to hear keynote speeches by party personalities, participate in fringe meetings and elect a new Bureau.


    ALDE is also the first European political party to adopt its manifesto for the 2014 elections -- with delegates voting over

  • Olli Rehn: There needs to be a post-election coalition

    Interview | Elections 20-12-2013

    Over the past weeks, Olli Rehn has put himself on the map as potential liberal candidate for the presidency of the European Commission. But now the man known as 'bailout commissioner' has to beat the most well-known liberal across Europe, Guy Verhofstadt.  In an interview with EURACTIV, Rehn reveals his plan for a winning campaign.

  • ‘I have a vision’, says liberal EU election nominee Olli Rehn

    News | Elections 20-12-2013

    EXCLUSIVE / The EU's economic and monetary affairs commissioner, Olli Rehn, will compete with Guy Verhofstadt, who leads the liberal political group in the European Parliament, in what is expected to be a close race to head the campaign for the European Commission presidency next year. Rehn spoke to EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.

  • Rehn in pole position to lead EU liberals in 2014 election campaign

    News | Elections 18-12-2013

    Olli Rehn, the EU's economic and monetary affairs commissioner, has secured the support of 14 liberal parties to become the frontrunner of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) at next year's European elections.

  • Spain, Ireland to quit EU bailouts

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 15-11-2013

    Spain will exit a financial aid programme for its banking sector from January next year, without drawing more European funds.
    The announcement came after an agreement by eurozone finance ministers in Brussels on Thursday.
    Earlier this year, Spain borrowed €41 billion from an EU-IMF bailout package to rescue several inderet banks from the collapse of a property and construction bubble.

  • Commission to investigate Germany’s current account surplus

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 13-11-2013

    The European Commission announced on Wednesday it will launch an investigation into Germany's economy. The EU executive fears the high current account surplus of the biggest economy in Europe may be damaging the eurozone economy.
    The announcement came after the US critised Germany, accusing Berlin of relying too much on exports and not doing enough to raise demand at home, which could hamper Europe's economic stability.

  • Brussels to up pressure on Berlin for weak domestic demand

    News | Euro & Finance 12-11-2013

    The European Commission will decide this week whether to scrutinise Germany's trade surplus for economic imbalances, which would undermine the nascent eurozone recovery, Olli Rehn wrote in an op-ed in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

  • Commission confirms economic recovery in latest forecast

    News | Euro & Finance 06-11-2013

    The European economy started to grow again in the second quarter of this year, after contracting in the first quarter, according to the Commission's Autumn European Economic Forecast, published on Tuesday (5 November).

  • EU forecasts slow economic recovery, high unemployment

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 05-11-2013

    Europe's economy has reached a turning point, according to the European Commission.
    Presenting his Autumn economic forecast on Tuesday , EU commissioner Olli Rehn said that a slow economic recovery is expected over the next two years, but unemployment will remain high.
    The Commission expects economic growth in 2014 to hit 1.1% in the euro area and 1.4% in the Union as a whole. In 2015, growth is expected to be 1.7% in the euro zone and almost 2% in the EU.

  • Finance ministers tussle over banking union, sovereignty

     Video | Promoted content | Banking union 15-10-2013

    Questions over how far the European Central Bank (ECB) should control Europe’s banks dominated yesterday’s meeting of eurozone finance ministers and look set to continue today (15 October) as member states push back against the Commission’s powers under the new European Semester.

  • Eurozone ministers to say who pays for banks’ clean up

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 14-10-2013

    Eurozone countries will consider today (14 October) how to pay for the repair of their broken banks after health checks next year, which are expected to uncover problems that have festered since the financial crisis.

  • Wilfried Martens’ hospitalisation opens EPP leadership succession race

    News | Elections 03-09-2013

    After Wilfried Martens, the long-serving president of the centre-right European People’s Party (EPP), was admitted to hospital, discrete talks have began about his succession despite his expected recovery, EURACTIV has learned.

  • EU’s Rehn does not rule out a third Greek bailout

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 21-08-2013

    As the debate on whether Greece will need a third bailout intensifies, EU economic affairs commissioner Olli Rehn declined on Wednesday to rule out the possibility.
    Speaking to a Finnish newspaper, Rehn also said that other options, such as extending the repayment period on existing loans, are also on the table.
    Rehn's comments come after the German finance minister said on Tuesday that Greece will need a third bailout, only 5 weeks before the biggest EU economy holds elections.

  • Finance Commissioner cautious as longest recession ends

    News | Euro & Finance 14-08-2013

    The eurozone has exited its record 18 months of economic contraction as Eurostat GDP flash estimates recorded better than expected 0.3% growth in the currency area and in the wider European Union today (14 August).

  • Rehn and Reding clash on troika’s future

    News | Elections 22-07-2013

    Olli Rehn, the EU's top economics official strongly defended the 'troika' of international lenders, saying the monitoring team was essential to restoring euro zone credibility. His comments came as a rebuff to another Commission Vice President, Viviane Reding, who said the troika format should be abandoned.

  • European Parliament criticises Greece TV shutdown

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 12-06-2013

    MEP's on Wednesday condemn the Greek government for its unexpected decision of closing down ERT, the Greek state broadcaster.
    Athens yet most drastic measure comes as an attempt to slash public sector jobs and meet the terms of an international bailout imposed by the EU-IMF combo.
    'I'm shocked that in Greece overnight a public radio and television stations had been closed down and this is the Troika that is been blamed certainly in the public sphere what is been said. Stop the Troika, stop it , that what you can do for the image of Europe, stop it now'.

  • EU unveils gloomy eurozone growth forecast

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 03-05-2013

    The eurozone economy will shrink more than expected this year, according to the European Commission which published its Spring Economic Forecast on Friday.
    The Commission's outlook also showed that 4 of the largest euro zone economies – France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands – will be in recession throughout 2013. Only Germany's economy will grow.

  • EU forecasts 2013 recession, signals ease in austerity

    News | Euro & Finance 03-05-2013

    Europe’s economy will contract by more than expected this year and budget deficits will decline more slowly, the European Commission said on Friday (3 May), signalling that rising unemployment and the bleak outlook allow some scope for slowing the pace of austerity.

  • EU’s Barroso, Rehn signal shift in austerity policies

    News | EU Priorities 2020 23-04-2013

    France and Spain fell short of their budget deficit goals last year and debt levels swelled across the eurozone but the pressure may be easing on Paris and Madrid as the European Commission signals an end to sharp spending cuts.

  • EU warns Spain, Slovenia over troubled economies

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 11-04-2013

    Brussels has warned Spain and Slovenia to take urgent steps to address their deepening economic problems or face a fine at the end of the month. Under the current rules, the EU can punish countries that do not correct excessive imbalances with a fine of 0.1% of their GDP.
    The warning came after the European Commission unveiled on Wednesday its second review of economic imbalances in 13 EU countries.

  • Cyprus crisis: banks to re-open Thursday, but remain controlled

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 26-03-2013

    Amid concerns of a possible bank run, Cyprus is requiring banks to stay closed until Thursday. The Cypriot authorities will also limit access to bank accounts and movement of cash out of the island.
    It is the first time capital controls are being applied within the euro area and comes after Cyprus sealed a deal with the EU and the IMF on Monday to avoid bankruptcy and a potential euro exit.

  • Eurogroup’s press conference on Cyprus’ bailout deal

     Video | Promoted content | Euro & Finance 25-03-2013

    Cyprus clinched a last-ditch deal with international lenders early today (25 March) to shut down its second largest bank and inflict heavy losses on uninsured depositors, including wealthy Russians, in return for a €10-billion bailout.