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  • EU forecasts 2013 recession, signals ease in austerity

    Euro & Finance 03-05-2013

    Europe’s economy will contract by more than expected this year and budget deficits will decline more slowly, the European Commission said on Friday (3 May), signalling that rising unemployment and the bleak outlook allow some scope for slowing the pace of austerity.

  • EU’s Barroso, Rehn signal shift in austerity policies

    EU Priorities 2020 23-04-2013

    France and Spain fell short of their budget deficit goals last year and debt levels swelled across the eurozone but the pressure may be easing on Paris and Madrid as the European Commission signals an end to sharp spending cuts.

  • Rehn warns against Cyprus’ eurozone exit

    Euro & Finance 04-03-2013

    EU Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn warned yesterday (3 March) against a Cypriot exit from the eurozone and said all countries in the single currency bloc were systemically important.

  • Brussels, Berlin bicker over scope of banking union

    Euro & Finance 04-09-2012

    The extent to which European banking union will cover all banks in the eurozone came under fire yesterday (3 September) as MEPs and the German finance minister raised doubts that the Commission’s blueprint will be feasible.

  • Monti claims rescue fund to be given banking licence

    Euro & Finance 02-08-2012

    The European Stability Mechanism rescue fund will eventually be granted a banking licence, giving it enough fire power to head off the bloc's debt crisis, Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti said yesterday (1 August), on the eve of a crunch meeting of the European Central Bank's council today.

  • Leaders in stark warning over euro zone ‘survival’

    Euro & Finance 01-06-2012

    In an unusual departure from traditional EU language, European Commission vice-president Olli Rehn and Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Monti have issued dramatic warnings yesterday (31 May) on the euro zone, while European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi openly admitted that the common currency was fighting for its survival. 

  • EU economies need reform to avoid debt crisis replay

    Euro & Finance 15-02-2012

    Twelve European economies - including Britain, Italy and France - have deep weaknesses that are undermining growth and need to be tackled, the EU said on Tuesday as it stepped up its surveillance to avoid a repeat of the devastating debt crisis.

  • Man with ‘Finnish guts’ named eurozone chief

    Euro & Finance 27-10-2011

    Olli Rehn, the Finnish EU Commissioner dealing with the most sensitive portfolio these days – Economic and Monetary Affairs – was promoted today (27 October) to Commission vice president and de-facto economic affairs minister of the eurozone. 

  • Rehn tipped as next Eurogroup chief

    Euro & Finance 30-09-2011

    A new institutional set-up for the eurozone's economic governance will take centre stage at the next EU summit in mid-October. Ahead of this crucial meeting and cornered by increasing pressures to hand over powers to member states, the European Commission is entertaining the idea of one of its own getting the Eurogroup's top position.

  • EU in power struggle over debt vetting

    Euro & Finance 07-07-2011

    A drawn-out debate over new rules to police debt-laden countries has been shelved until September as lawmakers from the European Parliament, the Commission and EU member states battle over who should have the last word.

  • US debt situation worries EU

    Global Europe 09-06-2011

    The current debt strains in the US are very serious and have an impact on Europe and the rest of the world, the EU's commissioner for economic and monetary affairs, Olli Rehn, said yesterday (8 June).

  • EU debt talks still ‘a building site’

    Euro & Finance 16-02-2011

    EU finance ministers have agreed to hold a marathon series of meetings to forge agreements on how to police debt and rescue failing economies, as many proposals still face terse opposition from the EU's national governments. 

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