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Politics 02-09-2021

Austria wants to limit refugee influx from Afghanistan and Parisians could swim in the Seine

This week our podcast focuses on a security conference organised by Austria with the Central Asian states to discuss further strategy regarding Afghanistan. Austria and other EU countries are asking Afghanistan’s neighbours to manage migrations flows and prevent a potential...
Brexit 12-12-2012

London’s Olympics panel says the climate was a winner

This summer's Olympics games in London generated 28% less carbon dioxide than was forecast as energy use at venues was cut, the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) said on Wednesday (12 December).
Brexit 03-09-2012

Britain and Europe going through gradual disengagement

British Prime Minister David Cameron recently affirmed that he would fight to keep his country in the EU in any future referendum, but his policies towards the ‘community acquis’ shows otherwise, writes Sir Julian Priestley.
Sports 26-07-2012

EU at the Olympics: An invisible powerhouse

The London Games should confirm the EU’s position as a major soft power (at least in its sportive dimension), despite the global financial turmoil and economic crisis on the Old Continent, writes Piotr Maciej Kaczy?ski.
Brexit 19-12-2011

UK admits breach of EU pollution laws

With seven months to go before the London Olympics, the British government has admitted in court that it violated European Union air quality laws by missing deadlines to address high levels of urban pollution.
Sports 26-05-2011

Russia’s Winter Olympic Games: Stepping up to the sustainability challenge

Global sports events like the Winter Olympics can and must contribute to mitigating environmental damage, writes Dmitry Chernyshenko, president and CEO of the Sochi 2014 Organising Committee, pointing to vast differences in environmental consciousness in the EU and Russia which the organisers hope Sochi will help change. 
Sports 14-01-2011

London 2012 Olympics to have airport-style security

Sports fans attending the London 2012 Olympics can expect airport-style security screening at venues, the policeman in charge of safety at the Games said yesterday (13 January).
Sports 27-09-2010

Russia seeks to rectify Sochi Games’ toxic image

The city of Sochi's administration signed up to voluntary green standards last week following scathing criticism from the United Nations' environment agency of construction works underway for the 2014 Winter Olympics.
Sports 04-03-2010

Federalists claim EU ‘victory’ at Winter Olympics

If the medals won by all 27 EU member states at the Vancouver Winter Olympics were to be added up, the EU would be the big winner of the Games, stress the Young European Federalists (JEF-Europe).
Sports 02-03-2010

Watchdog warns of media manipulation for Sochi Games

Russia is pressuring local journalists to toe the Kremlin line on preparations to host the 2014 Winter Olympics, blocking coverage of environmental problems and evictions, a leading media rights group said.
Sports 10-02-2010

Vancouver Winter Olympics pinched by climate change

Despite ambitious carbon offset targets, the organisers of the Vancouver Games are being forced to drive truckloads of snow down from higher mountains to the slopes due to relatively warm weather so that the 2010 Winter Olympics can kick off next Saturday (13 February).
Sports 13-10-2009

Olympic movement goes digital to engage under-18s

The XIIIth Olympic Congress last week approved a number of recommendations for using digital technology and the Youth Olympic Games as tools to boost interest in physical activity among young people.
Sports 26-08-2009

New sports enter Olympics

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has approved a series of new sports, including women's boxing, for inclusion in the 2012 London Olympics and proposed that golf and rugby be added to the 2016 programme. 
Sports 31-07-2009

Decision on 2016 Olympics set for autumn

The executive board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will meet in Berlin on 13-14 August 2009 to select two new sports to recommend for inclusion in the programme for the 2016 Olympic Summer Games, the host of which will be announced in October.
Sports 23-06-2009

More sports join bid to enter Olympics

Baseball, golf, karate, in-line skating, rugby, softball and squash launched a race last week the race to enter 2016 Olympic Games, the host of which will be announced in October.  
Sports 20-05-2009

Beijing Olympics given ‘green’ nod

A UN environmental assessment of the Beijing 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games found that China kept and in some cases even exceeded its sustainability promises. But it concluded that mantaining the green gains, particularly in terms of air quality, remains a challenge. 
Sports 28-04-2009

Parliament asks for EU funding for Special Olympics

The EU assembly has called on the European Commission to support upcoming major Olympic Games in Warsaw and Athens for people with intellectual disabilities. 
Global Europe 12-03-2009

Tibetan official: ‘EU must send delegation to Tibet’

The European Union should send a special delegation to Tibet to examine conditions on the ground, the Dalai Lama's representative in Brussels has told EURACTIV in an interview. The call comes in the wake of the Dalai Lama's controversial claim that life in Tibet is "hell on earth".
Sports 12-12-2008

Youth Olympic Games prepare to kick off

The first-ever Olympics for young people aged 15-18 will take place in the summer of 2010 in Singapore. The first Winter Games will follow in 2012 in Innsbruck (Austria), it was announced today (12 December).
Sports 25-09-2008

The Olympics can be bad publicity

Hosting the Olympics can negatively impact upon the image of the country concerned, according to a Norwegian School of Management (BI) study.
Sports 25-08-2008

EU hails own ‘great success’ at ‘exceptional’ Beijing Olympics

French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Sunday (24 August) expressed his congratulations to French and EU athletes on their "great success" at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. In the meantime, International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogue labelled the Beijing Games "exceptional".
Development Policy 11-07-2008

Sarkozy sweet-talks European Parliament

A determined Nicolas Sarkozy outshone his critics during the debate that followed his presentation of the French Presidency's priorities in the European Parliament on 10 July. In a skilled address, the French President accused those EU leaders who are reluctant to proceed with the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty of "cowardice". 
Global Europe 10-07-2008

Sarkozy’s Olympic attendance triggers outrage

Confirmation that French President Nicolas Sarkozy plans to attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics has outraged members of the European Parliament, who slammed France for placing its own commercial interests above human rights concerns in China.
Sports 01-07-2008

Beijing aims for smoke-free Olympics

The Chinese authorities are joining forces with the World Health Organization (WHO), local groups and businesses to launch health promotion programmes around the Beijing Summer Olympics.