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Health 09-03-2022

French disability minister: people with disabilities must engage in politics

EU disability ministers are meeting in Paris on Wednesday (9 March) to take stock of the EU's disability strategy and exchange best practices. EURACTIV France spoke to the French secretary of state in charge of people with disabilities who initiated the meeting within the French EU Council presidency framework.

Impasse deepens in Poland over new ombudsman

Poland's Senate on Thursday (13 May) rejected the latest candidate for the politically sensitive role of national ombudsman, deepening an impasse that has pitted the ruling conservative party against opponents who say it is eroding democratic rights.
Data protection 23-01-2019

US to appoint permanent Privacy Shield Ombudsperson, as EU pressure tells

The Trump Administration plans to nominate a permanent Ombudsperson for the EU’s data protection agreement with the US, the White House said last week (18 January). The announcement comes after months of pressure on the issue from the EU.

EU watchdog opens probe into Barrosogate

Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly began investigating the Commission’s handling of the Barrosogate scandal today (28 February).
Enlargement 16-11-2016

Commission: Serbia should acknowledge the remit of independent bodies

Serbia should improve its understanding of independent bodies, including the Ombudsman, while its parliament should be more active in overseeing the government, the European Commission said in its annual Progress Report for Serbia. EURACTIV Serbia reports.
Agrifood 23-02-2016

Ombudsman criticises Commission’s handling of pesticides

European Ombudsman Emily O'Reilly has strongly criticised the European Commission's regulation of pesticides. EURACTIV’s partner Journal de l'environnement reports.
EU Priorities 2020 15-09-2015

Trialogues: What goes on behind closed doors?

As a young institution, it is important that the European Parliament acts swiftly to make trialogue talks more democratic before they become ingrained as a tradition, argues Carl Dolan.
Public Affairs 31-07-2014

EU Ombudsman demands more TTIP transparency

The European Ombudsman today (31 July) opened two investigations into the EU Council and Commission over a lack of transparency around the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).
Emily O'Reilly, EU Ombudsman, with EU Commission president 2009-2014, José Manuel Barroso [European Commission]
Public Affairs 29-07-2014

Ombudsman pushes for more protection for EU whistleblowers

The EU Ombudsman, Emily O’Reilly, on Monday (27 July) opened an investigation into nine EU institutions, which have failed to put in place protective measures for staff members that report corruption or malpractice.
Competition 17-06-2014

Almunia counter-attacks in high-profile Spanish football tax case

Joaquín Almunia, the Spanish Commissioner in charge of policing the EU's antitrust rules, has denied accusations of a conflict of interest in the handling of an investigation into unfair tax breaks worth billions of euros given to Spanish football clubs, including Real Madrid and Barcelona.
Public Affairs 14-02-2013

Commission probed over ‘revolving door’ lobbying allegations

The European Ombudsman will today (14 February) launch a formal investigation into allegations that the European Commission is failing to clamp down on conflicts of interest amongst staff who leave the EU executive to take up jobs as lobbyists and consultants.
Economy & Jobs 22-06-2012

Putin appoints ombudsman for Western entrepreneurs

In a major speech at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, also known as “the Russian Davos”, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he had appointed an ombudsman to help Western entrepreneurs.
Health 29-05-2012

Danish MEPs champion new rights for ‘vulnerable consumers’

In a resolution adopted last week, the European Parliament defined what 'vulnerable consumers' are - the elderly, the needy as well as those with mental and physical disabilities. But every consumer can be considered vulnerable, argue two Danish MEPs interviewed by EURACTIV.
Public Affairs 31-05-2011

Ombudsman slams secrecy over Fukushima contamination

Following complaints from citizens, the European Ombudsman has opened an investigation into the EU's permitted levels of food contamination following the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan and their communication to the wider public. Similar complaints are also being heard in France.
Public Affairs 11-06-2010

Commission slammed over ‘systemic’ late payments

The EU executive has been criticised by the European Ombudsman for its failure to pay its contractors on time. The embarrassing report comes as MEPs prepare to vote on the Commission's revamped Late Payments Directive.
Public Affairs 08-06-2010

EU medicines agency slammed over obesity drugs

The EU's medicines regulator is under fire from the European Ombudsman for refusing to grant Danish researchers access to documents on two anti-obesity drugs so they can conduct independent analysis.
Public Affairs 16-02-2010

Ombudsman to probe EU animal testing report

The European Ombudsman, P. Nikiforos Diamandouros, has opened an investigation into how the European Commission conducted a study into the use of chimpanzees for research purposes.
Public Affairs 21-01-2010

Diamandouros wins new term as EU Ombudsman

P. Nikiforos Diamandouros was yesterday (20 January) chosen by MEPs to serve another term as European Ombudsman, once again beating Belgian candidate Pierre-Yves Monette to the position.
Public Affairs 28-04-2009

Ombudsman report highlights EU’s lack of transparency

Being refused access to documents was "by far" the most common allegation made by citizens to the EU Ombudsman last year, revealed a report presented yesterday (27 April).
Public Affairs 16-03-2009

Ombudsman launches online guide for complainants

The European Ombudsman on Friday (13 March) launched an interactive guide for citizens wishing to complain about the EU institutions in an attempt to ensure that the complaints he receives are admissible.
Public Affairs 18-02-2009

Swedes to prioritise transparency at EU helm

The European Ombudsman yesterday (17 February) expressed his conviction that the incoming Swedish EU Presidency would make progress on making the EU more transparent and accountable to its citizens. Meanwhile, MEPs insisted that "no legislative documents should be kept secret" under a reformed access to documents policy.
Languages & Culture 16-12-2008

Commission accused of discriminating against interpreters

The European Commission is discriminating against freelance interpreters who are over 65 by neglecting to offer them work, EU Ombudsman P. Nikiforos Diamandouros said yesterday (15 December), asking MEPs to support his claim. But the EU executive argues such action is justified by the need to provide employment for newly-qualified young staff.
Public Affairs 16-07-2008

Ombudsman raps MEPs over allowances

The EU Ombudsman has stressed that the European Parliament is continuing to fail to comply with transparency rules regarding the allowances its members receive. But the institution's Vice President Diana Wallis yesterday (15 July) insisted that reforms are already underway to address the bulk of his concerns.
Public Affairs 03-06-2008

Right of access to EU documents ‘at risk’

The European Ombudsman called on MEPs to "defend the EU's commitment to transparency" during yesterday's (2 June) Parliament hearing on the Commission's plans to revise a law on public access to EU documents.