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One-third of German internet users would pay for data protection, survey finds

German internet users strongly oppose the sale and misuse of their personal data, according to a recent study, and are willing to pay €900 million for data protection. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Online copyrights [Shutterstock]

EU Court upholds blocking copyright-infringing websites

Internet access providers can be requested to block websites infringing copyright, the European Court of Justice said yesterday (27 March) in a historic ruling aimed at limiting online piracy.
Digital & Media 10-10-2013

US trumps EU on blind-friendly high-tech consumer products

SPECIAL REPORT / The EU is trailing behind the US on online accessibility laws that make it easier for the visually impaired to access the internet or use a smartphone.
Digital & Media 19-01-2012

Brussels warns about draft US online piracy bills

Two controversial draft bills on internet piracy and copyright protection, which are currently being examined in the US Congress, are raising concerns in Brussels with the European Commission warning about its potential consequences on Europe.
Euro & Finance 28-01-2010

Move to e-banking calls for closer EU scrutiny

According to Deutsche Bank, migration to online banking will hit 60% of the EU's population by 2020, prompting security experts to warn about data privacy issues in the face of rising organised crime on the Internet. EURACTIV spoke to online security expert Samee Zafar.
Digital & Media 19-08-2009

Europeans unwilling to pay for online content

Europeans are not paying for online content and are unwilling to do so in the future, according to a survey published by the European Commission. Meanwhile, business models to sell music over the Internet are shifting towards pre-paid unlimited music access.
Public Affairs 15-01-2009

Interview: Brussels lobbyists ‘unsure about the web’

"Communications in Brussels still tends to be one-directional, with a stoic resistance to using online tools to enrich press conferences, releases and events," according to Helen Dunnett, eCommunications manager at the European Crop Protection Association (ECPA).
Languages & Culture 21-11-2008

EU ministers reject ban on free downloading

EU culture ministers yesterday (20 November) rejected French proposals to curb online piracy through compulsory measures against free downloading, instead agreeing to promote legal offers of music or films on the Internet.
Digital & Media 25-07-2008

UK moves against free downloading

Following in France's footsteps, the UK is also moving towards a tougher approach on peer-to-peer websites, with six of the top British internet service providers agreeing upon a provision that engage them in sending letters to repeat downloaders of music or films from the Web.
Digital & Media 23-04-2008

Commission to limit sales of violent video games

Sales of violent video games should be forbidden to minors, the European Commission claimed yesterday (22 April), calling for the labelling system for dangerous games to be beefed up to better protect children. But the booming online video games sector is not covered by the new proposals.
Competition 14-01-2008

Google-DoubleClick merger brings EU into uncharted territory

The proposed acquisition of online advertising company DoubleClick by Google, the Internet search giant, raises a host of privacy concerns that make the merger more than a mere competition case, legal experts have said.
Digital & Media 10-12-2007

EU plans new measures to curb online piracy

The European Commission is considering a new set of measures that could cut web access for users of illegal file-sharing software, according to a draft policy paper on "Creative content online" obtained by EURACTIV.
Digital & Media 14-03-2007

MEPs call for online-music directive

The Parliament has attacked the Commission on what it perceives as the "soft-law approach" that it chose to harmonise member states' rules on copyright for online music services. 
Digital & Media 29-01-2007

Digital convergence is coming of age

Europe's economy is beginning to reap the benefits of ever-more interlinked and interoperable online technologies, but many obstacles remain to be overcome, experts have told the Commission.
Digital & Media 29-05-2006

Internet providers and movie industry team up for film online

A number of major industry players, including broadcasters, telecom operators and holders of copyrights, signed a Commission-inspired charter for promoting the online distribution of films.
Digital & Media 14-12-2005

Commission recommends authorising TV product placement

The Commission proposes applying the provisions of the Television without Frontiers (TVWF) Directive to certain internet-based services. At the same time, regulations on advertising and product placement will be partially lifted.
Digital & Media 01-12-2005

BEUC in defence of consumer rights online

BEUC, the European consumers' organisation, has started a new campaign to combat overly restrictive digital rights management and terms of use with digital content. In an interview with EURACTIV, the organisation's senior legal advisor explains the issue.
Digital & Media 13-09-2005

EP embraces the blogosphere

The Parliament has launched its new web portal with a series of round table talks on the information society, the first of which was about ethical questions arising from the emergence of millions of weblogs.
Digital & Media 31-08-2005

France pushes for European books online

While Google has announced versions of its online book service in 6 EU languages other than English, France is speeding up its rival venture for a European Digital Library. 
Digital & Media 01-06-2005

Commission to launch ambitious Information Technology Programme

The Commission plans to launch, on June 1, 2005, what Viviane Reding, Commissioner for Information Society and the Media, has branded as “the first-ever Lisbon Strategy realistic action plan”. The plan, labelled “i2010”, sets out to boost at the same time the information and communication technology (ICT) and content industries, as well as the industry take-up of innovation.

EP states self-regulation is best for audiovisual industries

In a resolution adopted on 10 April, the MEPs demanded more self-regulation by the audiovisual industry to protect children from harmful online content.