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Digital & Media 08-06-2020

EU plans to step up fight against child sex abuse online

The European Union is set to unveil a package of measures to better combat child sex abuse after online demand for illegal content involving minors soared during the coronavirus lockdowns, an EU commissioner said Sunday (7 June).
Health 12-02-2016

EU watchdog: Online illegal drug sales following Amazon model

The Internet is becoming a growing market for the sale of illegal drugs, the EU’s drug watchdog (EMCDDA) warned on Thursday (11 February).
The European Commission brokered the first ever MoU between national gambling regulators on 27 November
Digital & Media 01-12-2015

Commission brokers agreement on online gambling, investigates money laundering risks

European Commission officials are hailing a new MoU between national regulators of online gambling as "historic".

EU aims to enlist online firms in fight against militants

The European Union needs to bring Internet companies fully on board in its fight against home-grown militant Islamists, the bloc's interior ministers said on Thursday (29 January).