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Technology 17-03-2022

UK’s expanded Online Safety Bill moves forward

The UK today introduced its Online Safety Bill in Parliament after a lengthy preparation process that has ignited debate on many aspects of the balance between protecting people from online harms and preserving their online freedoms. 
Technology 24-02-2022

Could the EU be on the cusp of a Paris Agreement For The Internet?

It’s a global issue. It’s an existential threat to our way of life. And it threatens the collapse of entire ecosystems.
Technology 08-02-2022

Facebook Oversight Board recommends privacy improvements to tackle ‘doxing’

Meta should amend its privacy policy to ban the sharing of private residential information even when it is considered “publicly available”, the company’s Oversight Board has said. 
Technology 14-12-2021

UK lawmakers call for strengthened Online Safety Bill

Binding codes of practice, measures to keep children from accessing pornography, and new criminal offences related to the online world are needed to strengthen the UK’s proposed Online Safety Bill, according to a parliamentary committee.
Media 29-04-2020

UK media watchdog director joins Facebook

A top official has been poached by Facebook from the UK's media watchdog, the Office of Communications (Ofcom). The move comes at a time in which the UK is readying broad legislation to crack down on offensive content online.
Media 12-02-2020

UK broadcasting watchdog proposed as online harms regulator

The UK government has announced plans to grant the country's broadcasting authority, Ofcom, broad new powers in regulating the spread of harmful content across social media platforms.
Technology 09-04-2019

EU lawmakers back one-hour deadline to remove online terrorist content

Lawmakers in the European Parliament's Justice Committee have backed measures to clamp down on the spread of online terrorist content, including an obligation for platforms to remove offending content within one hour of reporting or face fines of up to 4% of their global turnover.