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  • PRISM scandal threatens EU-US ‘Safe Harbour’ agreement

    Opinion | Justice & Home Affairs 12-11-2014

    The European Court of Justice (ECJ) could be tempted to invalidate "Safe Harbour" agreements on data retention between the United States and the European Union because of the PRISM spying scandal, writes Yann Padova.

  • US-German ‘cyber dialogue’ begins amid spying tensions

    News | Digital 27-06-2014

    Germany has called for global standards to protect people’s privacy on the Internet in the run-up to a "cyber dialogue" opening in Berlin today (27 June), less than a year after US intelligence services were caught red-handed tapping Angela Merkel’s mobile phone. EURACTIV Germany reports.

  • Protecting Privacy in a Big Data World

    Opinion | Digital 08-05-2014

    Big data raises big questions. What does it mean for the relationship between citizens and governments, customers and businesses, workers and employers? As governments worldwide ponder how to deal with privacy in a 'big data age', John Podesta recommends to the US president Barack Obama that the protections of the 1974 Privacy Act should be extended to non-US citizens as well.

  • US makes first public comment over draft EU data privacy law

    News | Digital 23-04-2013

    A senior US official has met with European Commission staff in Brussels to share views on the overhaul of EU data protection rules and to assuage fears in Europe about a lack of robustness in the US privacy enforcement regime.

  • Google and Spain wrestle over EU privacy law

    News | Digital 27-02-2013

    Google did battle with Spain's data protection authority in Europe's highest court on Tuesday (26 February), in a case with global implications that poses one of the toughest questions of the Internet age: When is information really private?

  • MEPs say no to ACTA

     Video | Promoted content | Digital 04-07-2012

    After months of intense debate, the European Parliament on Wednesday finally rejected the controversial anti-piracy treaty ACTA.
    With an outstanding majority of 478 negative votes, MEPs decided that no European member states will be able to join the treaty in its current form. ACTA was first proposed in 2007 to counter the trade of counterfeit good across borders.

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