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Data protection 05-09-2019

Digital Brief: Big decisions

Welcome to EURACTIV’s Digital Brief, your weekly update on all things digital in the EU. You can subscribe to the newsletter here.    “There are some big decisions to make.” US Ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sondland, speaking about Huawei,...

Parliament backs optional European sales law

The European Parliament on Wednesday (26 February) voted for a proposal for an optional European Sales Law which aims to provide a coherent set of rules for the marketing of digital products and related services instead of 28 different rules in member states.
Digital 24-09-2013

e-Participation: Fashion or substance?

Online participation is regarded as the silver bullet to catch voters’ interest at the next European election. But will online tools shift the power to the people? Parties and civil society should work to get enough information 'out there', argues Giuseppe Porcaro.
Health 12-12-2012

Lawmakers back out-of-court scheme for unhappy online shoppers

EU lawmakers have agreed on two new systems for settling disputes between shoppers and traders over goods and services sold online or across EU borders.
Digital 21-11-2012

Parliament calls for better online protection of children

EU countries should step up their efforts to protect children online through laws and cooperation, a majority of the European Parliament said in a resolution voted on Tuesday (November 20) in Strasbourg. But the Parliament resolution won't help anyone, says the Pirate Party.
Digital 29-10-2012

Citizens’ Initiative ready to collect signatures via Commission servers

Fraternité 2020, the first registered European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), began collecting statements of support on the European Commission's own servers on Friday (26 October), after server problems delayed the petition for months.