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Digital & Media 04-03-2016

Europe needs to get serious about open data

Saturday (5 March) is Open Data Day, and Paul MacDonell calls for EU member states to commit to opening data in the public sector, as the potential benefits are huge.
Digital & Media 17-10-2014

Embrace big data to educate Europe

Big data offers the opportunity to transform the education sector in Europe, writes Olivier Dumon, but he calls on the EU Commission to embrace policies to enable this to happen.

Opening public data boosts economy as well as transparency

Updating the 2003 public information directive to increase the amount of public data that Europeans can access may be perceived as a transparency measure, but it is likely to bring real financial benefits and boost skills in a growing IT sector, writes Dinand Tinholt.
Digital & Media 20-02-2012

Open data: gold mine or gold bust?

Despite Neelie Kroes' ambitious declarations for a new open data strategy at the regional level, authorities are still struggling to become familiar with that process and the strategy still faces fierce resistance, writes Julia Glidden from 21c Consultancy.