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Global Europe 09-10-2019

Democrats alarmed about possible US withdrawal from Open Skies treaty

Four senior Democratic lawmakers said on Tuesday (8 October) they believed the Trump administration may withdraw from a treaty that allows unarmed surveillance flights over US, Russian and other territory, warning it would be a gift to Russia and undermine confidence in the US commitment to Ukraine.
Transport 18-12-2014

Who wants to spark an air transport trade war against the USA?

A trade war between USA and Europe over the Open Skies agreement must not be triggered because all European and US airlines will be penalized for the benefit of airlines from third countries, writes Emmanuel Jahan. But that is what may happen if no action is taken to guarantee fair competition, particularly at the social and fiscal levels in Europe and the USA.
Transport 16-05-2008

EU, US launch second round of ‘Open Skies’ talks

EU and US negotiators opened the next round of 'Open Skies' negotiations yesterday (15 May), with Europeans focusing on lowering investment hurdles and access restrictions for EU carriers in the US, moves heavily opposed by the US Congress.
Competition 31-03-2008

‘Open Skies’ signals boon for transatlantic air travel

European and American airlines are now allowed to serve airports on either side of the Atlantic following the entry into force yesterday (30 March) of the Open Skies agreement. Meanwhile, Europe's enlarged Schengen area became applicable to airports.
Transport 12-10-2007

MEPs demand ‘master plan’ for raising airport capacity

The European Parliament has warned the Commission that Europe could be short of 3.7 million flights each year by 2025 if it fails to dramatically increase the capacity of its airports in the face of growing demand for air travel.
Transport 09-10-2007

EU-US ‘Open Skies’ agreement

After more than four years of negotiations, the EU and the US have agreed on a deal that should throw open transatlantic air travel to more competition in a move which the Commission says could create 80,000 jobs and generate €12 billion in economic benefits. But European operators will be seeking further concessions from the US in the next few years after it refused to ease its stringent ownership and investment rules.
Transport 30-08-2007

Slots trading under Open Skies – the implications for allocating capacity

While the signing of the Open Skies agreement between the EU and the USA has been hailed as a triumph for the consumer, with the prospect of more intensive competition and lower fares in the transatlantic market, the actual impact of the deal may be severely restricted because of limited airport capacity and slot shortages in the EU, according to a study by the independent economics consultancy Oxera.
Transport 07-12-2006

Open Skies agreement ‘won’t fly’

US-EU negotiations on liberalising air traffic between the two blocs are disrupted following a decision by the Bush administration to maintain quotas of US citizens on the boards of American air carriers. 
Transport 12-05-2006

EU renew push for ‘Open skies’ deal

An agreement to free up transatlantic air transport hinges upon a decision by the US Congress to allow European investors more control over US airlines. The deal is set to be finalised in time for the 2007 summer traffic season.
Transport 21-11-2005

Breakthrough in EU-US ‘open skies’ aviation talks

Negotiators have reached an agreement to remove restrictions on transatlantic flights. But the deal, which still needs approval from EU transport ministers, is conditional on a better US offer over airline ownership.
Transport 17-03-2005

EU members told to scrap US bilateral airline deals

Twelve EU member states were told to eliminate bilateral air agreements with the US ahead of a Commission visit to Washington aimed at re-launching stalled 'open skies' talks.
Transport 15-03-2005

Commission seeks mandate to open up global airline markets

Transport Commissioner Jacques Barrot has asked authorisation from EU member states to start negotiations for "ambitious air agreements with China and Russia" as a first step in a strategy to open up global markets for EU air carriers.
Transport 22-07-2004

Commission pressures US and Member States to agree ‘open skies’ deal

The Commission has launched legal action to force EU countries with individual bilateral aviation pacts with the US to tear them up. The move raises the stakes in the EU-US talks on an 'open skies' deal.

What future for EU aviation policy?

Dutch Transport minister Karla Peijs will inaugurate her Presidency of the Transport Council with a focus on the future of the air transport sector and the development of inland shipping.
Transport 17-06-2004

Open skies: EU rejects US offer as insufficient

EU transport ministers have rejected a US offer for a landmark aviation agreement and want further negotiations on the right for EU carriers to fly internal US routes.
Transport 13-05-2004

EU fights hard on open skies agreement

The EU is negotiating the right for its citizens to own the majority of stocks in US air carriers and for EU carriers to fly internal US routes in the forthcoming EU-US open skies agreement.
Transport 08-04-2004

US market access grounds EU-US air traffic talks

Air traffic talks between the European Commission and the United States remain pinned down on the issue of access to the US domestic routes for European carriers.
Transport 15-12-2003

EU-US talks on open skies agreement make headway

EU and US negotiators are positive about concluding a comprehensive open skies agreement after their second round of negotiations ended last week.
Transport 01-10-2003

EU, US enter ‘Open Sky’ negotiations

Talks begin in Washington on 1 October between the EU and the US on a comprehensive transatlantic Open Sky aviation agreement.
Transport 04-09-2003

Parliament backs Commission’s mandate to negotiate open skies agreement

On 2 September , MEPs agreed to grant power to the Commission for the negotiation of air services agreements between Member States and third countries.
Transport 29-08-2003

EU/US talks on “Open skies” agreement to take off

The EU and US will start negotiations of an "open skies" agreement on trans-Atlantic air travel in September.
Transport 06-06-2003

Commission gets mandate for EU-wide aviation agreement with United States

On 5 June, the Transport Council gave a mandate to the Commission to negotiate an "open skies" agreement between the EU and the US.
Competition 27-02-2003

EU Commission seeks control over aviation deals with third countries

On 26 February 2003, the Commission adopted a package of measures to create a legal framework for bilateral relationships between the EU and third countries in the air transport sector.