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Elections 22-06-2022

Macron’s high-stakes diplomatic marathon

Faced with a political and institutional crisis at home, French President Emmanuel Macron who lost control over the National Assembly as his coalition only obtained a relative majority in recent elections, is poised to embark on a series of international meetings.
Politics 20-06-2022

The French Republicans: kingmakers?

As the legislative elections come to a conclusion, the right-wing alliance that includes Les Républicains (LR) finishes with about 70 seats in the new National Assembly and is positioned as a potential kingmaker in this parliamentary recomposition at work.
Economy & Jobs 04-12-2020

Spanish parliament approves ‘historical’ state budget for 2021

The Spanish parliament on Thursday (3 December) approved by a large majority the new state budget bill for 2021, which gathered the support of 11 political parties, including Catalan and Basque separatists, EFE reports.
Coronavirus 03-12-2020

Madrid officials unveil pandemic hospital, opponents claim political stunt

A modernistic pandemic hospital unveiled in Madrid has become the latest point of contention in Spain’s feverish political landscape with detractors claiming it is for political gain. EFE and EPA report.
Politics 17-04-2020

Will the coronavirus cause the comeback of Germany’s political centre?

Germans are more satisfied with their government than they have been for a long time, thanks to its coronavirus response. It is making life increasingly difficult for the opposition. EURACTIV Germany reports. 
Elections 05-11-2012

Ukraine’s quiet revolution, Part 1

The Ukrainian authorities bring to mind Napoleon's words about a person who fell asleep in a chair standing at the edge of a cliff. Unless the authorities understand the scale of the protest sentiments, they will be hit by a second wave of a tsunami, says Vadym Omelchenko.
Oil and Industry 23-10-2012

What to expect from the Ukrainian elections

Public dissatisfaction in Ukraine is rising but – paradoxically – it is “non-political”. Public willingness to join protests grow not because of the political situation, but due to worsening economic conditions, says Wojciech Kono?czuk.
Global Europe 05-04-2011

EU sends envoys to Libya’s rebel capital

The European Union sent envoys to the rebel-controlled Libyan city of Benghazi on Tuesday (5 April), as part of efforts by Western countries to establish better contacts with Muammar Gaddafi's opponents.
Enlargement 07-02-2011

Serbia opposition calls for early elections

Opposition parties rallied for a huge demonstration in central Belgrade on Saturday (5 February), calling for an early legislative vote to be scheduled in April. BETA, EURACTIV's media partner in Serbia, reports.