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15 member states opt out of GMO culture

Fifteen of the 28 EU member states are seeking to keep genetically-modified organisms out of all or part of their territory, as the deadline for opting out of new European legislation on GMO crops nears, the bloc's executive arm said yesterday (1 October).

Germany opts out of growing GMO crops

Germany has told the European Union it will ban cultivation of crops with genetically modified organisms (GMOs), under new European Union rules allowing member states to opt out of GMO cultivation, a document seen by Reuters showed yesterday (30 September).
Lars Løkke Rasmussen
Elections 21-08-2015

Danish prime minister announces date for EU referendum

On 3 December, Danes will vote on a 'flexible' opt-in approach to EU Justice and Home Affairs (JHA), Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen announced on Friday (21 August). 
Euro & Finance 10-10-2012

Support for the euro hits historical low in Denmark

Only one-fifth of Danes want increased economic integration with Europe, according to the latest polls. A referendum on potential euro membership is not in sight, say members of the government.
Brexit 08-09-2011

Cameron seizes euro crisis to ‘defend British national interest’

The UK would seek EU opt-outs on directives affecting labour rights and financial services regulation if eurozone countries adopt fundamental treaty changes, Prime Minister David Cameron told the UK parliament on Tuesday (6 September).