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  • Report: West tolerated Kosovo mafia

    News | Justice & Home Affairs 16-12-2010

    A Council of Europe draft report alleging that Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi is a Mafia-style boss spells out a truth that diplomats privately acknowledge: the West in Kosovo has favoured stability over justice.

  • Perception of corruption in Western Balkans ‘increasing’

    News | Enlargement 11-06-2010

    Corruption weighs heavily on peoples' minds in the Western Balkans and the general perception in the region is that it is increasing in both the public and private sectors, observed speakers at an event hosted by Gallup House yesterday (10 May).

  • Kosovo government hit by corruption scandal

    News | Enlargement 12-05-2010

    The coalition government in Kosovo may fall as a result of a corruption scandal involving Transport Minister Fatmir Limaj, the press in the region reported yesterday (11 May). Limaj is investigated following raids carried out by EULEX, the EU rule of law mission in the former Serbian province.

  • Berisha: Albanian mafia ‘no longer exists’

    Interview | Enlargement 15-04-2010

    Crime levels in Albania are low even by EU standards, as an unprecedented international crackdown on organised crime has taken place in cooperation with Western European countries, Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.

  • Albanian PM pleads case for EU accession in Brussels

    News | Enlargement 15-04-2010

    Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha told EURACTIV in an interview that his country was now one of the safest in Europe following a crackdown on organised crime, and economic growth had remained steady despite the global crisis. 

  • EU struggles to stop exodus from impoverished Balkans

    News | Justice & Home Affairs 12-03-2010

    Belgium and Sweden are swiftly returning ethnic Albanian and Roma asylum seekers to their countries of origin, hoping to avert an influx triggered by the recent removal of the visa requirement for Serbian and Macedonian nationals.

  • Zafar: Banks need to outsmart criminals

    Interview | Euro & Finance 28-01-2010

    As banking migrates to the Internet, so too does payment fraud. Banks will have to be one step ahead of organised criminals to protect online payments, argues security expert Samee Zafar. EURACTIV spoke to the banking security expert, who has been advising banks in the City of London on the EU's Payments Services Directive (PSD), which is expected to boost online payments.

  • Bulgaria plays regional card ahead of EU test

    News | Justice & Home Affairs 29-01-2009

    Just days before the European Commission presents a report on Bulgaria's progress in overcoming justice and home affairs shortcomings, the country's interior minister yesterday (28 January) presented his services' achievements and ambitions for the wider regional context.

  • Murder of top journalist exposes Croatia’s mafia surge

    News | Enlargement 24-10-2008

    Croatian President Stipe Mesic yesterday (23 October) called an emergency meeting of the nation's security council following the murder of a top journalist in central Zagreb. Meanwhile, the Croatian journalists' association issued a statement warning that the mafia had massively expanded in the EU candidate country.

  • Bulgaria’s ‘mea culpa’ as EU moves to suspend funding

    News | Enlargement 24-07-2008

    The leaders of Bulgaria and Romania have accepted criticism of the two countries' performances in meeting EU standards on judicial reform and fight against corruption as fair. But financial sanctions amounting to hundreds of thousands of euro were hard to swallow in Sofia.

  • Kalfin: Bulgaria ‘will deliver’ on fighting crime

    Interview | Justice & Home Affairs 30-05-2008

    Bulgaria is trying to overcome a communication problem with the Commission while struggling hard to deliver on commitments to fight corruption and organised crime, the Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ivaylo Kalfin says in an interview with EURACTIV.

  • Interview: Bulgaria ‘will deliver’ on crime

    News | Justice & Home Affairs 30-05-2008

    Bulgaria is scaling up its fight against corruption and organised crime with the first sentences now effective, Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ivaylo Kalfin told EURACTIV in an interview, also highlighting his country's difficulties in communicating a more positive image of itself.