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Obama: Ukrainian crisis “is not another Cold War”

In a 35 minutes speech at the Palais des Beaux Arts in Brussels on Wednesday, US President Barack Obama lashed out at Russia over the Crimea invasion, calling on western powers to stand united over Russia's “brutal force” in Ukraine.
Jens Stoltenberg [Arbeiderpartiet]
Security 27-03-2014

Norwegian ex-PM Stoltenberg tipped as next NATO chief

In the margins of the EU-US summit, British Prime Minister David Cameron has given his support to Jens Stoltenberg as next secretary general of the NATO defence alliance, securing the Norwegian’s lead to get the position.
Global Europe 20-03-2014

Crimea crisis gives NATO a lifeline

The result of Russia's seizure of Crimea from Ukraine, following its 2008 war with Georgia, could be a modest reversal of years of European defence cuts and a bigger US military presence in the NATO members of central and eastern Europe.
Global Europe 18-03-2014

Expert: EU and NATO should elevate their cooperation

In response to the Crimea crisis, the European Union should adopt an immediate ban on arms exports to Russia, including stopping France's sale of two amphibious assault ships to Russia, and elevate EU-NATO cooperation to a new level, Roland Freudenstein told EURACTIV Poland in an exclusive interview.
Global Europe 17-03-2014

Moscow wins Crimea ‘referendum’, West readies sanctions

Crimea's Moscow-backed leaders declared a 96% vote in favour of quitting Ukraine and annexation by Russia in a referendum held yesterday (16 March) Western powers said was illegal and will bring immediate sanctions. EU ministers gather in Brussels today to decide on visa bans and freezing the assets of top Russian officials.
Global Europe 11-03-2014

NATO flights over Poland, Romania to monitor Ukraine

NATO will start reconnaissance flights over Poland and Romania to monitor the situation in neighbouring Ukraine, where Russian forces have taken control of Crimea, the alliance said yesterday (10 March).
Europe's East 27-02-2014

Russia puts troops on alert as Ukraine elects ‘kamikaze’ cabinet

The leaders of Ukraine's protests yesterday (26 February) named ministers they wanted to form a new government following the overthrowing of President Viktor Yanukovich, as Russia put troops on high alert in a show of strength.
Central Asia 26-02-2014

NATO and Georgia: Seeking membership, getting partnership

Europe and the US do not share today a solid Euro-Atlantic identity, the West having become an alliance with a fuzzy identity, writes David Usupashvili.
Europe's East 06-02-2014

NATO criticises Russia for expanding its border into Georgia

NATO criticised Russia yesterday (5 February) for expanding its border deeper into Georgia's breakaway Abkhazia region, a move Moscow has portrayed as a temporary step to expand a security zone around the Sochi Winter Olympics.
Global Europe 20-12-2013

Cameron waters down EU defence ambitions at summit

For the first time in five years, EU leaders dedicated a European Council summit to defence policy, which had been kept under the rug during the economic crisis. The outcome was far less ambitious than some member states may have expected, and leaders said in their final conclusions that they would bring up the issue again in the coming year.
Europe's East 05-12-2013

Russia condemns ‘aggressive’ Ukraine protests, NATO response

Russia criticised "aggressive actions" by Ukrainian demonstrators and the Western response to the protests on Wednesday (4 December), saying outsiders should not interfere in Ukraine's affairs.
Defence policy 06-09-2013

Southern countries push for common EU defence policy

Spain, Portugal and Italy have jointly proposed to pool resources for defence spending, seeing more coordination in the military sector as an answer to the economic difficulties the European Union is facing. EURACTIV Italy reports.
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Defence policy 03-09-2013

NATO Chief calls for ‘firm international response’ to chemical attack in Syria

As UN figures have revealed that over 2 million people have fled their homes in Syria, Nato's political chief on Monday called for a strong 'international response' to the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian conflict. Rassmussen said in Brussels that he also believes the Syrian government is behind the chemical weapons attack that took place earlier in August in the outskirts of Damascus, killing over 1000 people.
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Future EU 25-07-2013

Barroso silent on NATO top job race

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso declined to comment on if he has plans to be the next NATO Secretary General. Barroso was asked if he is interested in the top job at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization during the presentation of a Commission proposal to boost efficiency in the European defence industry.   "This communication has nothing to do with my future.
Security 24-07-2013

Barroso declines to comment on options for NATO top job

Asked today (24 July) if he had plans to be the next NATO secretary-general, Commission President José Manuel Barroso declined to comment. The race for the job, which will become available next year, has already started, sources told EURACTIV, with Belgian Defence Minister Pieter De Crem considered the favourite.
Europe's East 26-04-2013

Minister: Georgia will send a team to the Sochi Olympics

Achieving the territorial integrity with the Russia-occupied territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia will take time, but in the meantime Georgia seeks “fields of cooperation” with Russia and will not boycott the Sochi Olympic Games, Georgian Foreign Minister Maia Panjikidze told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.

Time to unblock Macedonia’s accession to NATO

Greece's ongoing objections to Macedonia's membership in NATO demonstrates that unlimited veto power threatens to make the alliance less responsive, restrictively bureaucratic, and subject to the mercy of any internal disagreement, no matter how small, writes Sally A. Painter.
Elections 26-02-2013

Frattini: A Bersani-Berlusconi coalition can give Italy stability

A grand coalition of Bersani-Berlusconi can provide Italy the stability Italy needs, Franco Frattini, a former European commissioner, tells EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Development Policy 20-02-2013

Afghanistan and Central Asia: Nobody move, nobody gets hurt

As Western powers and NATO gradually pull out from Afghanistan, the European Union is increasingly looking at the potential spillover threats for Central Asia as a whole, write Jos Boonstra and Marlene Laruelle.
Euro & Finance 10-01-2013

Cypriot election: The political problem and the financial crisis

Cyprus' economic adjustment programme and banking sector reforms should be seen as a catalyst that will reinforce macroeconomic and financial stability in the country. Over the longer term, the exploitation of natural gas discoveries should substantially boost growth prospects and help lower debt, writes Stavros Papagianneas.
Elections 03-10-2012

Georgia election winner calls on Saakashvili to resign

Billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili, leader of the Georgian Dream coalition that triumphed in this week's parliamentary election, has urged President Mikheil Saakashvili to resign.
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Politics 21-05-2012

Nato launches European missile shield

NATO's new European missile defense system is ready too start operating. This is one of the messages that came out of a two-day Summit held in Chicago where the leaders of the 28-nation alliance are gathering. The mechanism will link together the missile defense systems of all the allies and it will be controlled by NATO. NATO's Secretary general said that this is the first step towards a long-term goal of providing full coverage and protection for all NATO European populations.
Global Europe 21-05-2012

NATO summit keeps enlargement off the table

A two-day NATO summit continues today (21 May) with the future of the alliance’s action in Afghanistan and the Europe-based anti-missile shield featuring high on the agenda. In contrast, NATO enlargement has been taken off the table.
Global Europe 04-05-2012

Russia threatens strike against EU-hosted missile shield

Russia’s top military officer threatened yesterday (3 May) to carry out a preemptive strike on US-led NATO missile defence facilities in Eastern Europe if the US goes ahead with its controversial plan to build a missile shield.