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Jens Stoltenberg [Arbeiderpartiet]
Security 27-03-2014

Norwegian ex-PM Stoltenberg tipped as next NATO chief

In the margins of the EU-US summit, British Prime Minister David Cameron has given his support to Jens Stoltenberg as next secretary general of the NATO defence alliance, securing the Norwegian’s lead to get the position.
Global Europe 20-03-2014

Crimea crisis gives NATO a lifeline

The result of Russia's seizure of Crimea from Ukraine, following its 2008 war with Georgia, could be a modest reversal of years of European defence cuts and a bigger US military presence in the NATO members of central and eastern Europe.
Global Europe 17-03-2014

Moscow wins Crimea ‘referendum’, West readies sanctions

Crimea's Moscow-backed leaders declared a 96% vote in favour of quitting Ukraine and annexation by Russia in a referendum held yesterday (16 March) Western powers said was illegal and will bring immediate sanctions. EU ministers gather in Brussels today to decide on visa bans and freezing the assets of top Russian officials.
Global Europe 11-03-2014

NATO flights over Poland, Romania to monitor Ukraine

NATO will start reconnaissance flights over Poland and Romania to monitor the situation in neighbouring Ukraine, where Russian forces have taken control of Crimea, the alliance said yesterday (10 March).
Europe's East 27-02-2014

Russia puts troops on alert as Ukraine elects ‘kamikaze’ cabinet

The leaders of Ukraine's protests yesterday (26 February) named ministers they wanted to form a new government following the overthrowing of President Viktor Yanukovich, as Russia put troops on high alert in a show of strength.
Europe's East 06-02-2014

NATO criticises Russia for expanding its border into Georgia

NATO criticised Russia yesterday (5 February) for expanding its border deeper into Georgia's breakaway Abkhazia region, a move Moscow has portrayed as a temporary step to expand a security zone around the Sochi Winter Olympics.
Global Europe 20-12-2013

Cameron waters down EU defence ambitions at summit

For the first time in five years, EU leaders dedicated a European Council summit to defence policy, which had been kept under the rug during the economic crisis. The outcome was far less ambitious than some member states may have expected, and leaders said in their final conclusions that they would bring up the issue again in the coming year.
Europe's East 05-12-2013

Russia condemns ‘aggressive’ Ukraine protests, NATO response

Russia criticised "aggressive actions" by Ukrainian demonstrators and the Western response to the protests on Wednesday (4 December), saying outsiders should not interfere in Ukraine's affairs.
Defence policy 06-09-2013

Southern countries push for common EU defence policy

Spain, Portugal and Italy have jointly proposed to pool resources for defence spending, seeing more coordination in the military sector as an answer to the economic difficulties the European Union is facing. EURACTIV Italy reports.
Security 24-07-2013

Barroso declines to comment on options for NATO top job

Asked today (24 July) if he had plans to be the next NATO secretary-general, Commission President José Manuel Barroso declined to comment. The race for the job, which will become available next year, has already started, sources told EURACTIV, with Belgian Defence Minister Pieter De Crem considered the favourite.
Elections 03-10-2012

Georgia election winner calls on Saakashvili to resign

Billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili, leader of the Georgian Dream coalition that triumphed in this week's parliamentary election, has urged President Mikheil Saakashvili to resign.
Global Europe 21-05-2012

NATO summit keeps enlargement off the table

A two-day NATO summit continues today (21 May) with the future of the alliance’s action in Afghanistan and the Europe-based anti-missile shield featuring high on the agenda. In contrast, NATO enlargement has been taken off the table.
Global Europe 04-05-2012

Russia threatens strike against EU-hosted missile shield

Russia’s top military officer threatened yesterday (3 May) to carry out a preemptive strike on US-led NATO missile defence facilities in Eastern Europe if the US goes ahead with its controversial plan to build a missile shield. 
Future EU 03-05-2012

EU-Turkey tensions resurface over NATO summit

Turkey has indicated its intention to veto the EU's participation in the upcoming NATO summit in an apparent sign of growing disenchantment with the Union before the rotating EU presidency is taken up by Cyprus, a country that Turkey refuses to recognise.
Languages & Culture 13-04-2012

Lithuania snubs Poland over minority rights

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskait? has turned down an invitation to a regional summit in Poland after Warsaw protested the situation of the Polish minority in the Baltic state. EURACTIV Poland reports.
Europe's East 14-12-2011

Russian ambassador has ‘doubts about EU’s future’

Russian ambassador to NATO Dmitry Rogozin expressed 'doubts' about the European Union's future and warned of the bloc's economic weakness. His comments came yesterday (13 December) in a wide-ranging discussion on the future of Russia and the EU.
Global Europe 21-10-2011

EU says ready to support post-Gaddafi Libya

European Union leaders yesterday (20 October) hailed reports of Muammar Gaddafi's death, saying it marked "the end of an era of despotism and repression". Up to €85 million is available for reconstruction and stabilisation needs, the European Commission indicated.
Global Europe 24-08-2011

EU, NATO allies to release frozen assets to Libyan rebels

As rebels seize Muammar Gaddafi's compound and the regime enters its final days, the EU and NATO have taken the first steps to assist a transitional government in Libya and release frozen cash.
Enlargement 27-07-2011

EU deplores Kosovo attack on Serbia borders

The European Union yesterday (26 July) deplored "unilateral action" by Pristina to assert control over borders in the northern, Serb-populated part of Kosovo, during which one officer was killed. BETA, EURACTIV's partner in Serbia, contributed to this article.
Global Europe 03-05-2011

Hungary alone in waving EU flag in Tripoli

Of all EU countries' embassies in Libya, only Hungary has a diplomatic presence in Tripoli and provides information to the EU. The European Commission told EURACTIV that the situation on the ground was "very difficult" and that the EU was "paying tribute" to the Hungarian Presidency for the work they are doing.
Brexit 23-03-2011

Coalition looks to NATO to take over Libya operations

Western nations waging an air campaign in Libya agreed yesterday (22 March) to use NATO to drive the military effort but lack the backing of all alliance members and are divided on the mission's leadership.
Global Europe 22-03-2011

EU divisions grow over Libya operations

EU foreign ministers meeting in Brussels yesterday (21 March) admitted they were divided over how to enforce the no-fly zone over Libya, but agreed to extend sanctions on the Gaddafi regime and carry on offering humanitarian assistance.
Global Europe 08-03-2011

West divided on Libya ‘no-fly’ options

Britain and France are seeking UN authority for a no-fly zone over Libya but Western allies still appear divided over both the wisdom of the idea and exactly how it would be implemented.
Brexit 03-03-2011

EU hoists its sails as Arab winds of change grow stronger

Ahead of a special EU summit on Libya and the South Mediterranean next week, European Commission President José Manuel Barroso described the unfolding events as "a rendez-vous with history". Hours later, UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg spoke of "the biggest geopolitical event of the last decade".