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  • Clinton’s deliberate visits on Russia’s doorstep

    Opinion | Security 27-06-2012

    US Secretary of state Hilary Clinton continues to visit states that pose security concerns for Russia. Moscow will have to react in Finland and Latvia to make sure they do not take irreversible steps that would harm Russia's interests, says Stratfor.

  • Finland seeks greater regional collaboration

    Opinion | Global Europe 04-06-2012

    Finland is considering increasing its military cooperation in the north, something it had been reluctant to do in the past because it did not want to damage its economic relationship with Moscow, writes Stratfor.

  • Nato launches European missile shield

     Video | Promoted content | Politics 21-05-2012

    NATO's new European missile defense system is ready too start operating. This is one of the messages that came out of a two-day Summit held in Chicago where the leaders of the 28-nation alliance are gathering.
    The mechanism will link together the missile defense systems of all the allies and it will be controlled by NATO.
    NATO's Secretary general said that this is the first step towards a long-term goal of providing full coverage and protection for all NATO European populations.

  • NATO summit keeps enlargement off the table

    News | Global Europe 21-05-2012

    A two-day NATO summit continues today (21 May) with the future of the alliance’s action in Afghanistan and the Europe-based anti-missile shield featuring high on the agenda. In contrast, NATO enlargement has been taken off the table.

  • Russia threatens strike against EU-hosted missile shield

    News | Global Europe 04-05-2012

    Russia’s top military officer threatened yesterday (3 May) to carry out a preemptive strike on US-led NATO missile defence facilities in Eastern Europe if the US goes ahead with its controversial plan to build a missile shield. 

  • EU-Turkey tensions resurface over NATO summit

    News | Future EU 03-05-2012

    Turkey has indicated its intention to veto the EU's participation in the upcoming NATO summit in an apparent sign of growing disenchantment with the Union before the rotating EU presidency is taken up by Cyprus, a country that Turkey refuses to recognise.

  • Lithuania snubs Poland over minority rights

    News | Languages & Culture 13-04-2012

    Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskait? has turned down an invitation to a regional summit in Poland after Warsaw protested the situation of the Polish minority in the Baltic state. EURACTIV Poland reports.

  • Poland’s vulnerability amid missile diplomacy

    Opinion | Global Europe 26-03-2012

    A recent meeting in Berlin between Russia, Poland and Germany revealed Poland's delicate position in the debate between Russia and NATO over missile defence, according to Stratfor.

  • Russian ambassador has ‘doubts about EU’s future’

    News | Europe's East 14-12-2011

    Russian ambassador to NATO Dmitry Rogozin expressed 'doubts' about the European Union's future and warned of the bloc's economic weakness. His comments came yesterday (13 December) in a wide-ranging discussion on the future of Russia and the EU.

  • EU says ready to support post-Gaddafi Libya

    News | Global Europe 21-10-2011

    European Union leaders yesterday (20 October) hailed reports of Muammar Gaddafi's death, saying it marked "the end of an era of despotism and repression". Up to €85 million is available for reconstruction and stabilisation needs, the European Commission indicated.

  • EU, NATO allies to release frozen assets to Libyan rebels

    News | Global Europe 24-08-2011

    As rebels seize Muammar Gaddafi's compound and the regime enters its final days, the EU and NATO have taken the first steps to assist a transitional government in Libya and release frozen cash.

  • EU deplores Kosovo attack on Serbia borders

    News | Enlargement 27-07-2011

    The European Union yesterday (26 July) deplored "unilateral action" by Pristina to assert control over borders in the northern, Serb-populated part of Kosovo, during which one officer was killed. BETA, EURACTIV's partner in Serbia, contributed to this article.