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  • EU, US leaders pledge efforts for trade deal

    Trade & Society 22-11-2010

    The European Union and the United States promised on 20 November to use their considerable economic weight to try to secure a successful conclusion to the Doha round of global trade negotiations in 2011.

  • Russia, NATO pledge warmer ties

    Global Europe 04-11-2010

    Russia pledged yesterday (3 November) to boost cooperation with NATO in Afghanistan and consider a joint missile defence shield, offering signs of better ties with its Cold War foes during a visit by the alliance's chief.

  • Weakened at home, Obama could turn to foreign policy

    Global Europe 04-11-2010

    US President Barack Obama could turn to foreign policy as a way to claw back popularity after his mid-term election setback, which has left him weakened in domestic politics, Reuters writes in an analysis piece.

  • EU’s Eastern initiative ‘not adequate’ for Azerbaijan

    Med & South 03-11-2010

    Araz Azimov, deputy foreign minister of Azerbaijan, said yesterday (2 November) that the Eastern Partnership, the EU's initiative for developing relations with its Eastern neigbours, was not adequate to address geopolitical challenges in the Caucasus.

  • Battered Sarkozy finds temporary refuge in world affairs

    Economy & Jobs 20-10-2010

    French President Nicolas Sakozy hosted a trilateral summit with Germany and Russia to prepare for his country's G20 presidency, finding temporary refuge in world affairs as more than a million people took to the streets of France over planned reform of the pension system.

  • Merkel, Sarkozy agree on EU treaty change to handle crises

    Future EU 19-10-2010

    France and Germany called on European Union member states yesterday (18 October) to draw up proposals by next March for a permanent system to handle crises in the euro zone by suspending voting rights, admitting that it would mean changing the EU treaty.

  • US wants EU to spend more on defence

    Global Europe 14-10-2010

    US Defence Secretary Robert Gates said ahead of talks with NATO allies today (14 October) that he was concerned by defence spending cuts in Europe that threatened to put more pressure on an increasingly stretched US military. European countries hit by the financial crisis are poised to make big cuts in defence budgets.

  • EU to up its defence against cyber attacks

    Justice & Home Affairs 30-09-2010

    The European Commission will today (30 September) propose new rules to increase the EU's protection against cyber-attacks, which have grown in number, scale and impact in recent years.

  • Ukraine: Shifting geopolitics

    Med & South 22-09-2010

    EU membership officially remains a strategic goal for the pro-Russian Ukrainian government in Kyiv, but the country also wants to boost cooperation in other directions – particulary with Moscow and Asian countries. EURACTIV Slovakia reports from a discussion held recently at the Krynica Economic Forum in Poland.

  • Obama ends Iraq war amid low-key atmosphere

    Brexit 01-09-2010

    No public festivities in the US and no statements from the EU – so far. The announcement by the White House of the end of the Iraq war, which took the lives of more than 4,700 coalition troops - including many Europeans - came amid a muted atmosphere.

  • EU-US to iron out differences at November summit

    Global Europe 18-08-2010

    The EU and the US are set to discuss their recent foreign and economic policy differences when they meet in Lisbon on 20 November, on the margins of a NATO summit, the European Commission announced yesterday (17 August).

  • Leaders tell Afghanistan to take control by 2014

    Global Europe 22-07-2010

    Afghan forces should be leading security operations throughout their country by 2014, an international conference said on Tuesday (20 July), and they should be aiming to take over from foreign troops in some areas this year.

  • Van Rompuy’s Balkan visit focuses on Kosovo

    Global Europe 06-07-2010

    On his first tour of the Western Balkan, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy condemned the recent violence in Kosovo and called for restraint and dialogue. An extraordinary session of the UN Security Council will be held on the matter today (6 July).

  • Ukraine to stay out of military alliances

    Med & South 18-03-2010

    Viktor Yanukovich, Ukraine's newly-elected president, urged the country's governing coalition to push a new law that would prevent the country from joining any military alliances, according to reports in the national press.

  • Romania accepts US ‘invitation’ to host anti-missile shield

    Central Europe 05-02-2010

    President Traian Basescu announced on Thursday (4 February) that Romania's Supreme Defence Council had accepted an invitation from US President Obama to host an anti-missile shield. EURACTIV Romania reports.

  • Russia proposes new Euro-Atlantic security treaty

    Global Europe 30-11-2009

    Russia published on 29 November its proposal for a new Euro-Atlantic security treaty that would restrict its ability to use military force unilaterally if the United States and its European allies agreed to do the same.

  • Obama ‘doesn’t care’ about Eastern Europe, analyst says

    Central Europe 02-11-2009

    US President Barack Obama sees Eastern Europe as a "Bush administration project" and is not conscious of the need to counter growing Russian influence there, Edward Lucas, who has been The Economist's correspondent for Eastern Europe for over 20 years, told EURACTIV Slovakia in an interview.

  • Questions raised over Afghan election legitimacy

    Global Europe 02-11-2009

    Amid growing doubt over whether the 7 November Afghan election run-off should go ahead with a single candidate, the US stated that the decision by presidential challenger Abdullah Abdullah to quit the run-off will not complicate President Barack Obama's deliberations on the war strategy.

  • Russia ‘chose’ Moldova’s next president

    Med & South 13-10-2009

    By holding a meeting with a key member of the Moldovan parliament in Chisinau, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has in fact "chosen" the next president of Moldova, according to the Russian press.

  • Europe wary of sending more troops to Afghanistan

    EU Priorities 2020 29-09-2009

    European defence ministers expressed reluctance yesterday (28 September) to send more troops to the NATO-led mission in Afghanistan, anticipating their response to a possible US call for reinforcements.

  • Russia asks West to recognise its sphere of influence

    Med & South 21-09-2009

    Russia has welcomed a "new beginning" in relations between NATO and Russia after the announcement by President Barack Obama last week that the US would rethink a missile defence system imagined by his predecessor. Moscow is now asking for recognition of its own regional sphere of influence.

  • NATO ‘alarmed’ by lack of cooperation with EU

    Enlargement 18-09-2009

    The fact that the EU and NATO are unable to share counterterrorism information due to an internal political blockage between Cyprus and Turkey is "alarming" and "unacceptable", a top official from the Atlantic alliance told an audience in Brussels yesterday (16 September).

  • Afghan air strike reverberates in Germany ahead of poll

    Elections 07-09-2009

    Berlin's involvement in a NATO air attack in Afghanistan on 4 September that killed dozens of people, including civilians, sparked antiwar sentiments in Germany ahead of national elections on 27 September and put the government on the defensive.

  • NATO chief urges Turkey, Greece to end scuffle

    Enlargement 28-08-2009

    NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has called on Greece and Turkey to improve their relations, saying ongoing tensions between the two countries are endangering NATO and EU missions in Afghanistan and Somalia by putting ground troops at risk.