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  • Shaping the NATO-EU relationship

    Global Europe 03-11-2008

    EU countries are "better placed to serve transatlantic security interests within the NATO alliance than as members of a supra-national and anti-democratic institution," writes Sally McNamara, senior policy analyst for EU affairs at the Margaret Thatcher Centre for Freedom, in an October paper for the Heritage Foundation.

  • Georgia conflict: Russia asserts itself

    Global Europe 20-08-2008

    Russia's invasion of Georgia has shown the world that the US, the EU and NATO are all "paper tigers" in that region, writes former US ambassador to Serbia and Montenegro William D. Montgomery for Belgrade media service B92.

  • Turkey’s role in transatlantic relations

    Global Europe 21-05-2008

    Turkey's relations with the EU have become a pivotal issue in the evolving EU-NATO relationship but security concerns still need to be ironed out, says Sinan Ülgen in an April discussion paper for the Istanbul-based Centre for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies (EDAM).

  • Strategic dialogue with Russia needed

    Global Europe 15-05-2008

    Despite the recent past being a "miserable time for political relations between Russia and both the EU and the US," the prospect of new leadership is expected to "transform the current state of affairs," writes Michael Emerson of the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) in a May 2008 paper.

  • France, NATO and European defence

    Security 28-03-2008

    France and the UK are close to reaching an agreement that would "dramatically improve relations between the EU and NATO," according to a March policy brief by Tomas Valasek of the Centre for European Reform (CER).

  • EU Security and Defence policy – the first five years (1999-2004)

    Science & Policymaking 07-01-2005

    With contributions from journalists, industrialists,
    parliamentarians, experts, senior officials of the Union, this
    important work from the Institute for Security Studies, delivers a
    comprehensive stocktaking of past achievements and future
    challenges for the European Security and Defence Policy.

  • The way forward for European defence

    Security 02-09-2003

    Since the EU is likely to manage more military missions in the future, the European countries should pool their strengths rather than attempt to 'shock and awe' their opponents.

  • Prospect for Prague – The future of an enlarged NATO

    Security 13-11-2002

    Prospect for Prague - The future of an enlarged NATO Lord (George) Robertson of Port Ellen, Secretary-General of NATO, addressed a breakfast briefing jointly organised by The European Policy Centre and the EastWest Institute on "Prospects for Prague - The Future …

  • Hungary: NATO’s Weakest Link?

    Security 13-11-2002

    Hungary: NATO's Weakest Link? If NATO were able to expel members, Hungary would be a top candidate for expulsion, U.S. journal cites NATO official as saying. Just ahead of the Prague NATO summit, Hungarian media and political circles were buzzing over recent articles in two influential …

  • Tweaking NATO: The Case for Integrated Multinational Divisions

    Security 29-08-2002

    Tweaking NATO: The Case for Integrated Multinational Divisions Abstract As the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) adapts to the emerging strategic environment, it must consider innovative organizational structures that will allow it to harness the potential of its European partners. NATO's enduring deficiencies …

  • The Macedonian Framework Document and European Standards

    Enlargement 31-08-2001

    The Macedonian Framework Agreement dem-onstrates that the international community has learned important lessons from peace proc-esses, elsewhere in Europe, including Bosnia-Herzegovina and Northern Ireland. The Framework Document has four basic ideas - cessation of hostilities, decentralisation of government, political re-balancing and …

  • SIPRI: Europe after NATO and EU enlargements

    Enlargement 03-08-2001

    A report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), entitled "Europe after NATO and EU enlargements", is comprised of a number of studies on this issue. It focuses on three main issues: the role played by and the consequences of enlarging …