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Economy & Jobs 19-05-2021

EU’s outermost regions could be ‘immunological labs’, Portugal says

The far-away European Union territories could become "immunological laboratories" by accelerating and achieving full vaccination of the population there, Portugal's Secretary of State for European Affairs, Ana Paula Zacarias said on Tuesday (18 May).

Juncker and Macron in French Guiana, showing EU interest for its periphery

French president Emmanuel Macron and EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker meet in the European Space Agency in Korou, French Guiana, a French overseas department. The Commission seeks to expand its activities on the EU’s periphery, as suggested by the Lisbon treaty. EURACTIV France reports.
Euro & Finance 27-07-2016

Canary Islands ask for exemption from Spanish deficit fines

The president of the Canary Islands has asked for the archipelago to be excluded from any potential suspension of European regional funds on account of Spain's failure to sufficiently cut its deficit. EURACTIV Spain reports.
Regional Policy 03-07-2012

Loss of funds for Europe’s outermost regions ‘unacceptable’

Leaders from Europe’s Outermost Regions have expressed their dissatisfaction with the Commission's new strategy which slashes their funding in half.
Regional Policy 28-05-2010

Outermost regions demand their place at inner EU table

Political leaders from the EU's outermost regions argued that their needs merit tailor-made strategies, and exemptions from a number of key EU policies, at a high-level conference with EU Commissioners Michel Barnier and Johannes Hahn in Brussels yesterday (27 May).