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Digital skills 01-10-2015

Backstage with Europe’s creators

MEP Victor Negrescu and EU40 hosted an exhibition called "Backstage with Europe's Creators" in the European Parliament on September 22nd.
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Are MEPs human?
Languages & Culture 17-09-2015

Are MEPs human?

A collection of 200 portraits was unveiled on 14 September at the European Parliament's Esplanade in Brussels. The photos are part of an exhibition organised by EU40 called "Like You", which aims to show the human side of politicians by placing their pictures next to pictures of ordinary citizens.
Euro & Finance 10-03-2015

Parliament agrees to card caps

EU lawmakers agreed to impose caps on card payments in Europe following a vote in Parliament on Tuesday (10 March), applying to cross-border and domestic card-based payments.
Digital 21-11-2014

Scope and level of card caps remain in dispute

SPECIAL REPORT: EU lawmakers disagree over the level and scope at which card payments in Europe should be capped as the issue goes into trilogue in advance of its adoption anticipated early next year.
Euro & Finance 04-04-2014

MEPs cap interbank fees

MEPs voted to cap interbank fees for all card payments on Thursday (3 April) , including business cards. EURACTIV France reports.
Pablo Zalba Bidegain MEP [Friends of Europe. 2011]
Euro & Finance 07-03-2014

Pablo Zalba Bidegain: Card payment ceilings will lead to greater transparency

The introduction of ceilings for Multilateral Interchange Fees (MIFs) will lead to lower costs for credit and debit card use by both consumers and retailers, according to Pablo Zalba Bidegain. EURACTIV Slovakia spoke with the MEP about the proposed legislation.