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Global Europe 02-05-2022

United States to invite Pacific leaders to White House, ramp up diplomatic ties

US President Joe Biden's administration plans to step up diplomatic engagement with Pacific Island countries, Indo-Pacific coordinator Kurt Campbell said on Monday (2 May), including inviting Pacific leaders to the White House later this year.
Global Europe 10-02-2020

Ambassador: EU eyes larger security role in Pacific

The EU wants a greater security role in the Pacific and will have no problem working with China in a region where Beijing has boosted its influence in recent years, the EU"s ambassador for the Pacific announced.

Two of 196 signatory countries to Paris Agreement have raised their climate ambitions

The signatories to the Paris Agreement are supposed to revise their climate ambitions upwards within the next 18 months. While states are struggling to get involved, businesses are trying to move forward. EURACTIV France reports.
Transport 09-04-2018

UN draft calls on international shipping to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2050

A working group of the UN's International Maritime Organisation (IMO) released an interim strategy on 6 April, which calls on international shipping to reduce total annual greenhouse gas emissions from 2008 levels by at least 50% by 2050.
Development Policy 22-11-2016

Qualified welcome for EU’s new once-in-a-decade development rethink

Major NGOs gave a guarded welcome today (22 November) to a major once-in-a-decade, overhaul of the EU’s thinking on development.
Development Policy 14-09-2016

Oxfam questions ‘blending’ financing in SDG delivery

Oxfam has taken aim at the increasing use of ‘blending’ private sector investment with foreign aid, in a wide-ranging report looking at the future of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)s.
Development Policy 12-09-2016

Brexit could cost poorest countries €378m a year, warn economists

The world’s poorest countries could lose more than €378m per year if their existing trade agreements with the UK market are not maintained in the event of Brexit, a new series of essays published by the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and the UK Trade Policy Observatory has warned.
Trade & Society 13-04-2016

Kerry defends TTIP against domestic critics

The United States' top diplomat took a break from negotiations with foreign powers on Tuesday (12 April) to mount a full-throated defense of planned trade deals under attack from domestic critics.
Brexit 31-03-2016

What leaving the EU would really mean for British trade deals

The impact of staying in or leaving the EU for the UK’s global trade has become one of the most talked about questions of the referendum so far, writes Paul James Cardwell.
Development Policy 29-03-2016

EU-ACP: A force for South-South and triangular cooperation

Development cooperation in the 21st century is compelled to move beyond the simplistic paradigm of transferring funds from the developed North to the developing South, writes Dr Patrick Gomes.
Development Policy 05-02-2016

Development is geopolitical

Changing geopolitics has progressively eroded the foundations of the ACP-EU partnership and the bargaining power of both the EU and the ACP Group, writes Rhys Williams.
Development Policy 09-12-2015

Pacific islands demand easier access to climate finance

SPECIAL REPORT / "The waves will not wait for the funding to be allocated before flooding our islands," the small islands of the Pacific have warned. But climate finance is often beyond their reach. EURACTIV France reports
Development Policy 04-09-2015

Kiribati calls for strong statement from Pacific against climate change

Kiribati President Anote Tong urged the Pacific Islands Development Forum, which meets in Fiji this week, to issue a strong joint statement demanding that the world powers take action to halt climate change, local media reported Thursday (3 September).
Global Europe 05-12-2012

Asia’s Pacific moving to centre stage, Europe must engage

A large, economically and politically powerful China is emerging, with consequences for regional and world order. The rules by which it and nations in the region engage one another are uncertain and the outcomes even less so. Europe must remain vigilant and engage to grow its influence in the area, writes Brendan Nelson.