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Global Europe 22-08-2016

Lamy: Declustering policies will alleviate tensions with the EU’s neighbours

Changing geopolitics in Europe’s neighbourhood, to the east and in the south, call for a further declustering of a number of policies, going beyond bilateral trade agreements and security measures, Pascal Lamy, former Commissioner and WTO chief told EURACTIV.com.
Global Europe 09-05-2011

Israeli ambassador: Recognising Palestinian state could spark ‘eruption of violence’

Palestinian plans to take a statehood bid to the UN in September could spark bloodshed, warns Israel's ambassador to Brussels, Ran Curiel. Instead, he argues, the EU should stand by the Quartet's principles and so help Israel to negotiate a Palestinian state. 
Med & South 26-01-2011

Deputy SecGen: ‘Good atmosphere’ reigns in Union for the Mediterranean

Despite tensions among several of its member countries, an excellent atmosphere reigns in the secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean, an EU initiative for promoting stability and prosperity across the sea that divides Europe from Africa and Asia, Ilan Chet, the project's deputy secretary-general, told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Global Europe 23-02-2010

Baltiansky: Israelis see themselves as part of Europe

For Israelis EU membership is a dream: a dream that may come true one day, Gadi Baltiansky of 'H.L. Education for Peace Ltd.', director-general of the Geneva Initiative for Israel, told EURACTIV Slovakia in an interview.
Global Europe 23-02-2010

Foqaha: Palestinians see EU as Middle East’s ‘honest broker’

Among the Palestinian public, attitudes to the European Union can be characterised as very positive, Nidal Foqaha of the Palestinian Peace Coalition, director-general of the Geneva Initiative for Palestine, told EURACTIV Slovakia in an interview.