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Global Europe 25-08-2021

UN, EU condemn Palestinian Authority over activist arrests

The UN and the EU expressed concern Tuesday (24 August) over a spate of arrests of activists by Palestinian security forces, as the death of a leading activist in custody sparked persistent protests.
Global Europe 09-06-2020

Palestinian PM submits ‘counter-proposal’ to Trump plan

Palestinians have sent the diplomatic Quartet a response to the US Mideast plan which sees parts of the West Bank being annexed by Israel, Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh said Tuesday (9 June).
Climate change 09-06-2016

Israeli water chief: ‘You must talk to neighbours to avoid climate change conflicts’

Israel is one of the world leaders in water desalination. But now it faces a new challenge - climate change. EURACTIV.com spoke with the Deputy Director General of Israel's Water and Sewage Authority, Oded Fixler.
Global Europe 16-02-2016

Beyond labelling: How Europe can save the two-state solution

The EU Foreign Affairs Council last month reaffirmed its policy of differentiating between products made in Israel, and those produced in settlements. By so doing, it upheld the principle underpinning in its labeling guidelines of November 2015, writes Mousa Jiryis.
Agrifood 19-01-2016

EU defends decision to label goods made in Israeli settlements

The European Union reinforced on Monday (18 January) its position that products made in Israeli settlements must be clearly labelled in Europe, despite growing tensions with Israel over the issue, but stressed that the bloc opposes any boycott of the Jewish state.
Global Europe 10-11-2015

Israel fumes over planned EU labelling of settlement products

Few issues have caused more friction between Israel and the European Union than EU plans to impose labelling on goods produced in Jewish settlements on occupied land. And if Israel is right about the timing, the tensions could get worse.
Development Policy 05-09-2014

EU aid to Palestine ‘cannot continue indefinitely’ without results

SPECIAL REPORT: European frustration with the glacial pace of moves to Palestinian statehood could lead to the bloc’s aid contributions to the region becoming unsustainable in as little as 3-4 years, officials say.
Global Europe 31-07-2013

EU and partners press Israeli, Palestinian leaders not to undermine peace talks

The EU and other Middle East negotiators have urged the Israelis and Palestinians to avoid actions that undermine new negotiations, after the two sides this week held their first talks since 2010.
Global Europe 31-10-2011

Palestinians win UNESCO seat, denounce US stance

A top advisor to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas today (31 October) condemned a US decision to withdraw funding from UNESCO as a 'crime', hours after the UN’s cultural organisation voted to grant the Palestinians full membership.
Global Europe 16-09-2011

EU seeks limited upgrade of Palestinians’ UN status

The European Union hopes to persuade Palestinian leaders to drop plans for full United Nations membership this month in return for a nuanced upgrading of their UN observer status, EU diplomats said yesterday (15 September).
Global Europe 14-09-2011

EU must support viable Palestinian state

The EU must make peace between Israel and Palestine one of the top priorities of its Middle East policy. But there can be no peace in the region without a viable Palestinian state, argues Eberhard Rhein.
Global Europe 02-05-2011

Israel urges EU ‘caution’ on backing Fatah-Hamas unity

In a phone conversation with EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton, Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman warned the EU of the potential consequences of Fatah-Hamas reconciliation as the two groups prepare to sign a unity deal in Cairo today (2 May). He asked Brussels to adopt a cautious approach.